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#43 - Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements, and more

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Happy Monday, and welcome to new subscribers! This #43 issue of FBA Monthly includes insights into the latest strategies for Amazon Sellers, essential Amazon news, and much more. Follow us on Twitter @FBAmonthly to not miss any updates. Enjoy your reading!

Hot News

If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to treat it like any other business, and having the proper insurance to protect yourself and your business is part of that.


An appeals court held that the company was ‘pivotal’ to the sale of a defective battery that injured a customer


Starting this week, there is a new process for automatic removal of aged stranded inventory from Amazon fulfilment centres.


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Good to Know

Amazon reported net sales are up 40%, on a guidance of 18% to 28%. Net income is up 100% from $2.6B to $5.2B. This is despite COVID related investments Amazon has had to make.


A look inside Amazon's Delivery Service Partner program’s rapid growth, and a new $1 million diversity grant to support Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs.


This is in response to the UK government introducing a Digital Services Tax (DST) back in April 2020.


Overall, the effect that the pandemic is having on online retail is positive when it comes to sales. There have been quite a few emerging trends and a lot of opportunities for sellers to find new items to sell on Amazon.


Naturally there will be some things you’ll need to be aware of such as potential VAT liability in the countries where your goods are sold and stored.


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Amazon’s turbo-capitalism corporate culture goes against the grain of Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries, which pride themselves in their strong labor unions and sustainability.


Seller reviews are the best indicator of Amazon shopper sentiment since they capture as much as ten million opinions a month.


Meanwhile, Amazon’s share price barely budged after the hearing, suggesting that Wall Street harbors little fear that anything will come of the investigation.


Bhaskar Chakravorti believes that advocates and opponents of breaking up big technology companies, alike, are falling prey to some serious myths and misconceptions. He highlights a handful of them.


To get the full story, we examined the data from our 2020 Amazon seller survey and spoke to dozens of Amazon entrepreneurs about what influence (if any) their schooling has had on their selling experience.


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Tips and Tricks

Here are four ways you can differentiate your brand from competitors on Amazon and other online marketplaces in today’s e-commerce environment.


Making sense of all of your fees, refunds, sales and everything else Amazon charges can be tricky - luckily A2X, developed by fellow sellers to help work this out can. Find out how and try it for free.

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How is the fashion industry changing in 2020? What will those changes mean for major retailers, third-party sellers, and Amazon itself? We’ll take a look at a few factors currently driving a major shift in the industry.


Right from the start, you need to know the best ways to minimize costs and find significant savings as an Amazon seller. We break down a few ways for you here.



Jana Krekic and Meghla Bhardwaj join us to discuss the merits of Amazon.ae, Amazon.sg, Amazon.sa and the roll outs to Poland and Czech Republic. Are these a waste of time or should you take a chance and jump in early?


oday I start off by discussing how important it is to educate yourself and that the purpose of this podcast is to help you learn and be prepared for your own business.