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Amazon has launched its South African market, officially beginning operations in its first African country. With 3,000 pickup points, buyers will also enjoy free delivery on their first order. News of Amazon’s South Africa marketplace launch broke in early 2022, with February 2023 slated as the launch date. The company ramped up hiring throughout 2023 and announced an official launch date in October 2023.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon long enough, you know its fee structure frequently changes. But a recent update made a lot of Amazon sellers unhappy — especially two new Amazon FBA fees that include how much inventory you should have at a fulfillment center and how your products are sent to Amazon FBA. If you go through an Amazon seller-related forum or group, you’ll notice a lot of chatter about how Amazon’s new fee structure will negatively affect their business.

After a return to form in 2023, Amazon reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter of 2024 as well. The e-commerce giant, that had struggled to live up to expectations in 2022, reported net profit of $10.4 billion on net sales of $143.3 billion for the three months ended March 31.

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Jordi Ordoñez
eCommerce and Amazon consulant at
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Yev Marusenko
Founder at Zontracker and AMZJet