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No sellers or brands are selling on Amazon without using tools. Amazon’s own Seller Central acts as a starting place, but they typically use other tools to augment or replace its functionality. Crucially, they rarely use just one despite there being some all-in-one tools. Instead, sellers use a stack of software tools that handle separate business areas.

Amazon has been at war with unscrupulous actors and a new contender just entered the battlefield. An examination of various sites reveals the presence of AI-generated reviews. These reviews consistently incorporate the statement “As an AI language model,” a frequently encountered response generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, accompanied by generic descriptions of the respective products.

Remember that glitch on Amazon last week in which it informed sellers they had to re-verify their accounts even though they already had? A new glitch that cropped up on Thursday sent sellers into absolute panic.

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Jordi Ordoñez - eCommerce and Amazon consulant
Jordi Ordoñez
eCommerce and Amazon consulant at
Yev Marusenko - Founder at Zontracker and AMZJet
Yev Marusenko
Founder at Zontracker and AMZJet