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#112 - 800,000 Fake Seller Accounts, Amazon's $35 Billion B2B Marketplace, and more

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Welcome to the latest edition of FBA Monthly, your go-to source for all the news and updates relevant to Amazon sellers. In this issue, we bring you a roundup of the most important news and developments from the past two weeks that can help you run and improve your business on Amazon. From new product launches and updates to Amazon's policies and guidelines, to tips and strategies for optimizing your listings and boosting sales, we've got you covered.

Hot News

Amazon Business is a procurement and wholesale buying marketplace built predominantly on the same supply of products as core Amazon but with additional features like bulk buying, quantity discounts, recurring delivery, purchase orders, payment terms, and others. It even has its own Business Prime membership.


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission on Monday handed down a fine against an Amazon seller for abusing the site’s reviews system to boost its products, representing the agency’s first enforcement action for what it calls “review hijacking.” The Bountiful Company, a supplements maker, tricked customers into believing that newer products had more reviews and higher ratings by repurposing reviews...


Which products are Amazon’s best sellers this month? Are tried-and-true household staples filling shoppers’ carts, or are trending social media fads flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves? Does one Amazon product category rule all others?


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Good to Know

Saying it blocked 800,000 fraudulent sellers from making it past the account creation step, the 2022 Brand Protection report notes, “Through our continued investment in advanced machine learning techniques, we have improved our proactive controls, automating and scaling our intellectual property protection and counterfeit detection systems.”


Amazon Accelerate is an annual seller conference hosted by Amazon that provides a platform for sellers to learn and share best practices, connect with Amazon experts, and network with other sellers.


Customers may be charged when selecting The UPS Store for a return if a free option — Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods and Kohl's locations — is within the same distance or closer to their delivery address.


Amazon Sellers Attorney is a team of legal experts, including lawyers and consultants, who specialize in helping Amazon sellers reinstate their suspended or deactivated accounts. They also offer arbitration services for disputes with Amazon and other e-commerce retailers.


Along with the deluge of reports, conference calls and Securities and Exchange Commission filings, there’s the opportunity to glean insight into where companies are headed in the months and the years ahead. To that end, Amazon’s annual filing reveals the ways and means through which the digital economy is taking shape, beyond the confines of eCommerce.


In 2019, we reported the launch of Amazon FBA Donations, which allows sellers to donate excess inventory as an alternative to having Amazon destroy or dispose of it or having Amazon return it to them.


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According to Marketplace Pulse research, 46.7% of the new sellers on the Walmart marketplace in 2022 were based in the U.S. The rest were foreign sellers, mainly from China. The trend has continued into 2023, with the U.S. sellers representing a minority most months so far.


AmazonAMZN +0.1% sellers see an opportunity to expand in the Middle East. This is an area that Amazon has not yet fully penetrated. Amazon’s accelerator Pattern expected its base of clients to jump 50% in 2023.


Amazon.com Inc. continued blocking sellers from offering lower prices on rival sites, despite assuring antitrust enforcers it ended its policy that artificially inflated prices for consumers, according to newly unsealed filings in California’s antitrust lawsuit against the e-commerce giant.


What, Amazon worry? Does Walmart’s new website remind you of anybody? Oh say, Amazon.com maybe? Walmart unveiled its redesigned website and app, which is drawing comparisons to Amazon’s website. The new homepage, for instance, features bigger photos, live video, and a “social-inspired scroll. So, should Amazon worry?


When I first got here 17 years ago, there was no such thing as Amazon México. Mercado Libre was in its infancy, many businesses didn’t accept credit cards — especially foreign ones — and warnings circulated constantly about widespread fraud and theft if you did use a credit card at, say, a gas station or — heaven forbid — online with a Mexican company.


Amazon Global Selling and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) plan to elevate their collaboration to further promote Thai brands through global e-commerce, aiming to push the sector's...


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Tips and Tricks

Expanding into international Amazon marketplaces is a great way to reach more people and grow your Amazon business, but abiding by other countries’ rules, regulations, and tax codes can become complicated.


To say it's easy for new Amazon sellers to make mistakes that cost them time and money is an understatement. With the complexity of Amazon algorithms, getting your first Amazon sales can be like trying to ice skate uphill.


Did you know that in addition to selling products on Amazon, you can sell products to Amazon? That’s right! Through Amazon’s Vendor program, you can become a “first-party” seller and sell your inventory to Amazon at wholesale prices.


Amazon marketplace sellers have a new place to discuss their concerns and share their experiences with the launch of Amazon Seller Forum. This online community forum is exclusively dedicated to Amazon sellers and aims to provide them with a platform to engage, share ideas, and find solutions to their common problems.


Gav Kwok is an entrepreneur who runs a nine-figure FBA business. He runs a wholesale operation with strategic partnerships with suppliers, potential partners, and investors. As far as escaping some of these issues, he’s proven to be farsighted.


While Amazon hasn’t officially announced when Prime Day will take place, they made an announcement in Seller Central stating that now is the time to prepare for the big sales event. Like previous years, Prime Day will likely take place in mid-July.


“Everything we do at Amazon starts with the customer, and we kept asking ourselves, ‘How can we better serve those business customers?’” said 20-year Amazon veteran Alexandre Gagnon, vice president of Worldwide Amazon Business. “The procurement space is ready for innovation.



In this episode, we cover the latest breaking news on the Amazon and Walmart space. Let’s see what’s buzzing this week.


In this episode, we speak with Amazing.com's Matt Clark & Mike McClary to talk about the current state of the Amazon-selling space and why it's important to start building an omnichannel brand.