In the world of fast-growing Amazon ecosystem, FBA Monthly attracts progressive Amazon sellers that monitor all latest developments in the space and keen to try new tools to take their business further. Twice a month (on 1st and 3rd Monday) FBA Monthly spreading free curated news summary for Amazon sellers and geeks via Email, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit and website with RSS feed.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Slots Preview

1. PRIMARY SPONSORSHIP - A sponsor receives a slot featuring a linked headline (up to 100 character title), image (266x200 pixels max), and summary (up to 280 characters), along with your company name. Slot marked as sponsored. It always attracts the highest engagement levels. Slot position in content may vary.


2. SPONSORED LINKS - A slot, marked as sponsored, that sits alongside other items in an issue. In addition to a linked headline (up to 80 characters), some descriptive text (up to 160 characters) can be included. Slot position in content may vary.


Order Process

  • Request available slots in upcoming issues
  • Get confirmation of date and price from the sales team
  • Provide content for future promotion campaign and make a payment
  • The sales team will confirm payment, date availability and placing

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