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FBA Monthly Newsletter - Overview for October 2018

The End of Cheap Shipping From China - The White House wants to put an end to low-cost shipping from overseas, a move widely supported among U.S. e-commerce sellers.

6 Surefire Ways To Gain Sales Traction On Amazon FBA - Online retail in the United States is a multi-billion dollar sector, but for new businesses, tapping into the online market can be tough.

Amazon's “Today's Deals” Page Is Full Of Fake Deals And Made-Up Discounts. - Amazon’s “Today's Deals” page can be a goldmine for shoppers searching for products with steep discounts. But BuzzFeed News has found that some of these flash sales are too good to be true.

Amazon is doubling down on its private label business, stoking ‘huge fear’ in some sellers - Sellers and brands may not like it, but Amazon is clearly doubling down on its private label business.

4 Myths about Amazon’s Private Label Brands - To date, Amazon has introduced roughly 70 private label brands. This has rattled many observers, who fear Amazon’s growing influence.

How Much Will AWS Contribute To Amazon's Near-Term Revenue Growth? - Amazon derives over 40% of its total value from Amazon Web Services, per Trefis estimates, despite generating only around 10% of net revenues in 2017.

How Much Will Physical Stores Contribute To Amazon's Near-Term Growth? - Amazon has reported massive revenue growth in recent years, with revenues surging from just over $60 billion to almost $180 billion from 2012 through 2017.

The Tax Man Cometh: New State, Federal Laws Usher in Changes for Amazon FBA International Sellers. - In our article last year on the taxation of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) international sellers, we covered some basic U.S. tax considerations associated with the popular business model. This year's significant developments should steer international sellers in a clearer direction.

These Mistakes Will Get You Banned As An Amazon Affiliate - Like every ads network or affiliate programs, Amazon reserves the right to ban you any time. If you break any of Amazon’s long list of Terms of Service (ToS), all of the hard work you’ve put into your niche site could fly out the window, and your niche site investment could take a serious hit.

Amazon Updates

Amazon Tells Sellers about Third-Party Ad Tools - Amazon has grown more comfortable telling sellers about tools available from third-parties.

Amazon Accused of Faking Private Label Reviews - Marketplace merchants and review watchdogs have accused Amazon of manipulating online reviews of its private label products, putting its third-party sellers at a disadvantage.

Amazon Makes Changes to Seller Metrics - Amazon is revamping its metrics, including removing the Customer Service Dissatisfaction metric and introducing a Voice of the Customer report with new "Customer Experience" metrics.

Amazon is reportedly building ‘picker’ robots for fulfillment centers - In order to fulfill its many orders in a timely fashion, Amazon employs a large number of people, and a key part to the company's order fulfillment process are pickers.

Amazon is diversifying its private brand strategy - Sales of Amazon's new Earth+Eden diapers, a line owned and manufactured by First Quality but found exclusively on Amazon, tripled after its late-August launch.

Amazon fired an employee who shared customer e-mail addresses with a third-party seller - Amazon confirmed that some of its marketplace sellers had bribed Amazon employees to delete negative reviews or to obtain proprietary information like sales data or customer e-mail addresses, following a report in The Wall Street Journal.

eBay files lawsuit against Amazon over 'seller recruitment' - It says Amazon representatives abused eBay's internal email system to contact sellers - a violation of the marketplace's policies.

Amazon Partners with Shark Tank to Expand Product Offerings - Amazon AMZN has teamed up with Shark Tank to become its official retail partner. This is in sync with the company's continued focus toward expanding its footprint in the retail space.

Articles & Tutorials

10 Seller Tips to Boost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales - The moment of truth for Amazon sellers comes at the end of November. Turkey 5 is forecasted to be the biggest sales event in history. Here’s how to get ready for Black Friday on Amazon in 2018.

Amazon Vendor Central vs. Amazon Seller Central: Understanding the Key Differences - Amazon's Vendor Central and Seller Central may seem like similar programs, but they are actually very different. Many small business owners don't know which program to use, nor are they aware of the long-term implications of choosing one program over the other. This article can help.

The high-risk, high-reward world of selling stuff on Amazon - Washington, DC (CNN Business) When Nida Kazmi got laid off from her job as a product manager at Bloomberg two years ago, she came up with a fallback plan: Selling stuff on Amazon.

How Invoice Financing Can Help You If You Are An Amazon Seller - The invoice factoring – a boon to online sellers. Understanding How Invoice Factoring Works.

Podcast - The Private Label Movement - Today, Jonathan welcomes Karen Waksman of Retail MBA to the program. She’s an expert on selling to big-box stores and talks the nitty-gritty of what it takes to break into the world of big-box retail. Karen Waksman Learning the Hard Way Karen started selling to retail chains back in the early 2000’s.

Three Important Factors To Sell On Amazon Successfully - With a seamless out-of-the-box business model, a built-in consumer base and low barriers to entry, brands across every industry and vertical are clamoring to sell their wares on the Amazon platform.