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#27 - 2019 in Review, Fees Changes, Predictions for 2020 and Much More

Amazon truck passing sign with Amazon.com logo on it

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The Year in Review looks at the state of marketplaces and makes predictions on what’s to come next. The report analyzes Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Target, Wish, and Google marketplaces through more than forty charts based on Marketplace Pulse data. It is our biggest and most comprehensive research report yet.


For your convenience, in this article assembled most of the fee changes from 2019 to 2020 and included them in this article.


This article lists five major predictions JungleScout have regarding Amazon for 2020, including data, sources, and expertise to substantiate them.


Good to Know

Free Shipping Promotions will no longer be supported starting January 13th, 2020. Please make any necessary edits to your Free Shipping Promotions in Advertising Promotions prior to this date.


8.5 million feedback reviews were left by Amazon customers worldwide during the holiday season, and 6.4% of those - more than half a million - were negative.


Amazon has issued several warnings about scams that target online sellers, indicating it’s taking the problems seriously and wants its third-party sellers to do the same.


Last week without warning or an official announcement from Amazon, some sellers noticed a new “Request a Review” button in Seller Central. The new mysterious button seems to appear and disappear at random, and some sellers are not seeing the option at all.


Last week, Amazon reminded sellers of its policy and linked to a landing page on Social Responsibility.


North America business, consisting primarily of retail sales in the region, is expected to contribute $177.6 billion to Amazon’s 2019 revenues, making up 61.2% of Amazon’s $290.4 billion in expected revenues for 2019.


Amazon has changed the registration process for agencies and marketers running sponsored ads campaigns for Amazon vendors. What’s changed?


Top 10 charts as determined by page views and topical importance as determined by Digital Commerce 360 in 2019.


Amazon said this holiday season was another record-setter. The overall retail sector had a big year too, signaling that the decade-long economic expansion in the United States still has some legs left in it.


Amazon runs a machine that squeezes ever more money out of the hundreds of thousands of companies, from tiny start-ups to giant brands, that put the everything into Amazon’s Everything Store.


Amazon removed the barrier for many sub-$5 items on its marketplace that shoppers could previously only ship as an add-on to a larger order. The efforts are paying off.


New Amazon sellers are earning between $26,000-$810,000 per year in profits. What does it take to start selling on Amazon, and what can new sellers do to ensure they’re profitable in 2020?


The eCommerce giant said it is facing higher costs in infrastructure as well as the costs associated with one-day delivery. Amazon’s changes will go into effect on Feb. 18.2020


A thread on the Amazon discussion boards shows some seller are concerned about how Amazon is now handling feedback.


Jeff Bezos hired Paul Davis to build Amazon’s website. Now Davis wants to break it up.


E-commerce giant Amazon.com prohibited third-party sellers from using FedEx to ship some products sold on Amazon’s website.


Tips and Tricks

You never know at what moment you would be needed to register own brand in China. As the saying goes - It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.


There’s one way Amazon sellers can help mitigate the FBA fee hike announced on Friday and going into effect in February: sell an item no one else is selling on the marketplace.



In #528 episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Kiri Masters, author & Founder & CEO at Bobsled Marketing and The Marketplace Institute – a platform to help ecommerce managers and practitioners to stay atop of Amazon best practices.


In this episode, you will hear about a small town in Montana, which has a surprisingly important role in Amazon ecosystem.