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Monthly Roundup for Amazon Sellers - January 2019

The Secret Life of Amazon’s Vine Reviewers - A small and powerful society of Viners create Amazon’s reality. But is there such a thing as too much free stuff?

6 Retail Tech Trends That Go Beyond Competing Against Amazon - According to a recent article by Forbes, technology to compete against a disruptive Amazon will continue to be central to the retail play of 2019.

Amazon Ruined Online Shopping - America’s largest internet store is so big, and so bewildering, that buyers often have no idea what they’re going to get.

Amazon is chasing growth and shifting resources to third-party sellers - Amazon’s responding to a wake-up call: The retail company makes more money letting other people sell to customers on its marketplace than it does selling to customers itself.

How to find tools that fit your Amazon business in no time - FBA Catalog is a comprehensive Software directory for Amazon Sellers.

Amazon: 3rd Party Sellers Are Customers Too - Amazon third-party sellers are the main drivers of online product sales growth. They are also key to advertising growth, arguably second only to AWS for operating profit contribution.

Third-Party Vendors: Set Up A Branded Online Store Of Your Own - Your days as an essential part of Amazon’s Marketplace may be numbered.

Amazon Updates

Amazon Gives UK Retailers No-Deal Brexit Advice - Amazon is advising British retailers selling on its website to prepare for a no-deal Brexit so they can continue to sell to customers in the EU.

Amazon plans to launch a new Middle East marketplace, two years after buying Souq for $580 million - The move will give a unified brand and back-end system for Amazon in the Middle East, while helping more U.S.-based sellers expand in the region.

Register for German VAT or be blocked from selling on Amazon & eBay - Germany has introduced similar VAT laws to the UK, holding marketplaces jointly and severally liable for any VAT that merchants may not pay.

Amazon is offering cheaper shipping rates - Online retail behemoth Amazon has started offering merchants cheaper shipping rates for its Amazon Shipping program by eliminating certain surcharges, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Tips & Guides

Top sellers for Amazon FBA podcast journeys - By finding the best podcasts, you can search for various courses which are available to offer the best for your business.

Amazon advertising attribution: Here’s how it works - Here's what you need to know about Seller Central, Advertising Console and Amazon DSP.

Ranking algorithm tool for your Amazon products - In the current scenario, most of the people are becoming smarter when it comes to purchasing the products.