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Mid-month Summary for Amazon Sellers - February 2019

New Amazon fee changes to take effect this week - Amazon say that certain fulfilment fees will be increasing and storage and referral feels will go down in price.

Amazon Recorded Video Of A Seller's Face For Identification Purposes - “We will record a 5-second video of your face. ... To proceed, enable access to your webcam.”

Should you use as Amazon FBA reimbursement Software or Service? - Why seller need to monitor their FBA account for reimbursements.

Amazon Releases Free Analytics That Brands Previously Paid $30,000-Plus Per Year For - So why is Amazon making all this data available for free?

Amazon sellers get caught in US-China trade spat as money transfer service abruptly closes - U.S. customers weren't told why the service was suddenly shuttered this week.

How Does Amazon Marketplace Fit Into Your DTC Strategy? - As a sales channel, Amazon does offer some ways to build direct customer relationships.

Amazon Updates

Amazon has finally admitted to investors that it has a counterfeit problem - Amazon’s third-party marketplace is chock-full of independent sellers hawking everything from Korean face masks to out-of-print books and moon boots.

Amazon Live launches with live-streamed shopping videos - The new video shopping experience launches as QVC rolls out its own new app with shoppable videos.

Tips & Guides

Podcast - SellerSPEAK With Successful Amazon Sellers - Amazon Messenger Chatbots & Facebook Ads Marketing | SellerSPEAK - Michelle Barnum Smith.

How to conquer Amazon abroad - Here we have a few tips on conquering Amazon in countries that are relatively simple to expand to for most UK sellers.

How to start a successful Amazon business, from a seller who's making millions - Larry Lubarsky brought in $18 million in 2017 buying products in bulk and selling them on Amazon. Here are his tips for being a successful Amazon seller.