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#8 - What is Project Zero? Is Amazon announcement is a game-changer?

A truck passing Amazon fulfillment center with Amazon.com logo on billboard
How Warren's plan would impact on Amazon? Huge Amazon announcement that'll change the way it does business. Why Amazon pushing vendors to move to Seller Central? Amazon's new experiments with IP policy. What is Project Zero? Third-party sellers no longer required to lower prices for Amazon customers.

As lawmakers begin to question Big Tech’s power.


The company is risking what it values most — customer trust.


Amazon might be online retail’s 800-pound gorilla, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t face significant challenges and threats to its business.


Is this the start of something huge?


Its mammoth marketplace power and anti-competitive practices threaten small businesses


Amazon continues to experiment with IP policing solutions that can be used to protect both established and nascent brands that sell on its site.


Amazon has made a series of moves that suggest that more Vendors will need to move to Seller Central.


A comprehensive research by The Yale Law Journal.


Amazon Updates

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bold proposal to break up big tech companies —including Amazon, Google and Facebook.


You think you're getting one thing. What if you get something else entirely?


Tips & Guides

You think you're getting one thing. What if you get something else entirely?


Amazon's robust product catalog and customer product reviews were major factors in its meteoric rise, but both systems remain under attack by sellers trying to game the system.