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#9 - Three Significant Updates from Amazon. New Feedvisor Study.

Amazon.com building with huge Amazon logo sign on dark background

Amazon has come to resemble a conglomerate, with a growing presence in multiple markets.


A new research note from Wells Fargo covering Amazon and the world of retail has put forth several head-reeling statistics.


Turns out most Amazon-branded goods are flops that don’t threaten other businesses at all.


The change poses a challenge for Amazon because its ad business is very lucrative and growing rapidly.


by Chief Growth Officer for Web Talent Marketing, overseeing the agency's growth in PPC, SEO & Content Marketing in North America.


Amazon is staking a claim in merchandising both commodities and specialties, with its own private and exclusive brands.


Here are four key findings that brands need to consider in their channel sales strategy.


The Amazon pop-up that took over much of a product page, forcing customers to either click through to the lower-cost Amazon products or dismiss them before continuing to shop.


Did you know that there have been three significant updates from Amazon recently?


Amazon Updates

The decision could open the door for more established brands to begin selling on Amazon's marketplace.


The program offers consumers discounts and free shipping if they sign up to receive regular deliveries of particular items.


This also could allow Amazon, to layer on further services into the mix for merchants, which could potentially include netting third-party merchants into its popular Amazon Prime subscription scheme for free shipping and more.


Amazon has also rolled out other product features like a bargain section on its site, and opportunities to top up Amazon accounts using cash at retail store hubs.


Tips & Guides

10 Young Entrepreneur Council members explained what to consider when starting or expanding sales on Amazon.


Subscription model is particularly useful in marketing brands.


How many small businesses are benefiting from Amazon sales


In this article, we will examine the role keywords in conversions, and how to effectively use keywords in your Amazon listing to drive more sales.