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#10 - New Features Brand Analytics Features, Amazon Ad Strategy.

Wall of screens showing Amazon logos on blue background and rates of Amazon (AMZN) stocks
New Amazon brand analytics features that show customer demographics & more. Five “to do’s” for your brand’s Amazon ad strategy from Collin Colburn, Forrester Research analyst. Amazon releases 50 new tools and services for selling partners. Changes in sales fees rates for European sellers.

If you're expanding your venture, consider investigating Amazon advertising.


We pulled out a few topics from the Amazon discussion boards in today’s column.


With Owen Franklin, CEO of Blue Summit Supplies & Eldad Shashua.


Amazon Updates

To the horror of many sellers, Amazon sent a notice on Thursday that it would begin collecting sales tax on seller fees and services.


Tips & Guides

Balancing act between services and costs.


The First Step To A Profitable Amazon Business