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#25 - Are Print-on-Demand Vendors Doomed? What is Amazon Project Zero?

Pile of boxes with Amazon.fr and Amazon.it logos in a trolly

Hot News

Recently was conducted survey to understand how they getting ready for holiday sales season and how this time of the year on their impact businesses it has. Results may surprise you.


In a battle against counterfeits, Amazon has rolled out another AI-powered weapon out it's beta program.


Free sample program will be shut down in 2020 after one year of test run. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but effective way for brands to advertise products.


Story of Philadelphia-based seller caught in what his tax lawyer called “an interstate commerce speed trap” which cost him $1.6 million. Learn more to avoid tax traps.


Amazon is reportedly letting fakery seep into at least one part of its system — the so-called 'verified reviews'. But looks like Amazon has no interest in a quick solution.


Good to Know

Is freshly released beta version of Amazon Post is a new incarnation of a tool known before as Amazon Scout? Could it be a game-changer for sellers?


As a response to the Wall Street Journal investigation uncovering Amazon connections with blacklisted factories, the retail giant published a list of nearly 1,500 private label suppliers. Everything to show transparency and regain trust.


Reveal and the Atlantic magazine, the nonprofit news outlet, conducted research in 23 of 110 Amazon fulfillment centers. According to report results, the rate of serious injuries is twice higher than the national average for the industry. Could it have a negative impact on delivery speed?


It looks like Zizzle in trouble with copyrights. Does that mean that print-on-demand as a business is doomed? Will Merch by Amazon take a hit as well?


According to latest research, number of Amazon active sellers worldwide increased by 17.7% for 12 months and now it's close to 3 million. And other interesting stats...


Response to U.S. Congress' antitrust inquiry did not help to uncover any secret plans of Amazon to take over the world. But does provide insight to general stance of Amazon on key issues that sellers, competitors, and consumers have brought against the retail behemoth.


Some changes to Amazon can impact your profits as a seller. To keep your head above water, sellers should better understand effect of recent changes to marlketplace.


Yaniv Sarig analyzes latest changes on retail market and what impact it might have on the industry in general.


Fraud alert! Holidays season triggered new wave of phishing emails activity targeting sellers. Read examples of fraudster's emails to be aware of the scheme.


Tips and Tricks

Let us show you how to turn your struggles into strength. Learn 5 ways how to beat the online giant on your own terms.


Kharen Minasian, founder of Lab916, sharing 3 optimization strategies on how to filter through noise and competition to make a reasonable income.


At some point, you can find that the same product in a local store cost less than on Cyber Monday sales. How to profit from it?


Amazon PPC Strategist for Viral Launch, Amanda Stephens, giving you priceless tips on how to start a promotion campaign for your product avoiding common mistakes.


For Amazon sellers, Christmas always was the most significant time of the year. Every seller must have a strategy for a holiday season, in this article we want to highlight the most important steps in a preparation process.


This article was written to take all your guesswork regarding Amazon 1099 away.



Companies like Groupon, Vimeo, WeWork, and Hulu keep hiring ex-Amazon management as a CEOs of their startups


Shelly Banjo telling the story about an American who moved to China and face the sequences of the U.S.-China trade war.


Will Evans's investigation on workplace injuries and safety measures at Amazon warehouses. Take a look at the grim reality behind the smiling packages of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


This episode is all about, what is Amazon Attribution, and why Amazon is doing it, and why program is so important to brands and advertisers.