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#24 - Black Hat Sellers Crackdown, Yev Marusenko in an Amazing Podcast

Amazon fulfillment center employee grabbing a box with Amazon.com logos on it

In-depth analysis of Amazon Prime growth dynamic since 2016, and curious facts on Amazon Sellers' demographic


Do you need now to register your Amazon business in every state and collect tax on their behalf? Is that mean you have physical nexus? Or it's economic nexus? What is nexus in general?!


Analyze Profit in Real Time, Manage Inventory, Get Refunded for Lost & Damaged Items, Automate Email Follow Up Campaigns for Reviews and Feedback, Boost PPC Advertising

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The upcoming holiday season sales might be impacted by a massive email glitch. Thousands of Amazon sellers got into an error message limbo after been suspended.


Analysis of the current state of the Amazon Advertising industry and a sneak preview of the future plans.


Amazon sellers pointed to lawmakers on the fact that Amazon forcing merchants to use expensive logistics services, which affects the price for consumers.


Find out how an Amazon business with $20 Million/year in sales lost it all and still came out on top.

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A recent study, “Amazon: Past Its Prime,” found that Amazon luster might begin to fade during the next few years.


Could Nike's decision to end its current projects with Amazon become the first brick in the wall between the biggest traffic aggregator and global brands. Who will follow suit?


The real reasons why Amazon sellers still use black hat practices, and useful tips on how to avoid it.


Amazon hiring Chinese merchants and manufacturers for US market. Meanwhile, patterns of fraus, unsafe and counterfeits products are increasing, but consumers have no idea how their orders have been dispatched.


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These days, it's not enough to just list an item. How to compete with paid ads? Do sellers need to pay to promote their product on top of all fees they already pay?


The incredible story of how a tiny town in Montana turned into a main hub of Amazon's supply chain.


Results of 2019 B2B Buyers Survey from Digital Commerce 360 B2B in graphics.


In 2019 the percentage of people who favor Amazon dropped by 12%. Amazon is slowing down, but Walmart is on the rise and welcomes new shoppers.


Get a short overview of "Amazon Advertising 2019 - Growth and Performance Are Strong at the No. 3 US Digital Ad Seller" report


Amazon Updates

Announcements Amazon made this week regarding "Changes to Return and Refund Process for Seller Fulfilled Orders"


The Request Review feature appears at Seller Central. Is Amazon little by little moving away from interaction with customers via the buyer-seller messaging system?


Paper catalog in 2019? Without the prices? What Amazon is up to? Or it's something we don't know yet?


UAE and Australia was added to Linked accounts and Build International Listing after the new update from Amazon


Tips & Hacks

Go deep into the GEO Ranking and learn how to get the most out of it as a seller.


All you need to know about Amazon Seller fees in 2020.


Get essential tips on how to get better results from your advertising efforts.