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#23 - Email Affected Amazon, Success Story, and Business Advice

Pile of ready to be sent to customers Amazon Prime boxes

Amazon's search is full of sponsored products and Amazon brands. There is almost no place left for organic search results!


Hopefully, that a new holiday toy list report will be a last in a line of this year's frustrations from Amazon for small-business owners.


A true story of one email from Jeff Bezos which affected on organizational structures of Amazon. 2011 ground rules still keep going strong in 2019.


How machine learning algorithms led Amazon to ship of out-of-date food products. Is it a result of a casualty of a rambling Amazon marketplace or third-party sellers' greed?


Let's take a trip to a wonderful world of eCommerce and see how it changed the way we live since Amazon stepped in.


What percent of all Amazon sales relays on Orthodox Jewish third-party sellers? The answer might surprise you.


What happens when Amazon doesn't pay you on time? Discover everything you need to know about Unavailable Balances.

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Amazon "bots" go crazy this week. Due to "potential price errors" they deactivating listings, Amazon sellers say.


Amazon launched an IP accelerator to help connect small and mid-size businesses with a pre-arranged network of law firms that have agreed to locked-in rates for their services.


310 million active Amazon customer accounts. 75% of online shoppers do most of their shopping on Amazon. 105 million Amazon Prime customers who spending twice more than non-Prime shoppers.   What else need to know?


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Last week Amazon sues two e-commerce ‘coaches’ from California. The scheme includes a chain of fake reviews, dishonest marketing tricks, and infringement of Amazon's trademarks, and it's not all.


1,800 books listed on Amazon, but you've probably heard about him the first time ever - Rob Cubbon. $3,700 in passive income but there are no words in his books.


Is it possible for smaller brands to maintain their unique identities in the world where Amazon becoming the only brand that consumers care about?


Amazon Updates

Starting last week Amazon allows shoppers to leave a stars rating without a text review. Now it includes customers who rated the product in addition to reviews with text, images, or video.


The tremendous growth of Amazon's "other" category, which primarily represents advertising - in Q3 it jumps to 45%. It's the highest result in year-over-year growth so far.


The Amazon Business is now available in Canada! According to last year's report, Amazon Business manages more than $10 billion in sales, and a number will be increased next year for sure.


Tips & Guides

How to avoid sales of your products by shady resellers or crooked arbitragers and protect your brand from negative reviews.


Looking to expand your business? Luckily Amazon has tools exactly for your needs! It's time to learn how to use them right.