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Mid-month Summary for Amazon Sellers - October 2019

The Rush to Get Inventory to Amazon Warehouses
It's less than 4 weeks left to get your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, or your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are doomed.

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
Deep dive inside the mind of Amazon founder and CEO. What he wants for his giant empire and how that will affect all of us.

These "Amazon’s Choice" Sellers Are Bribing Customers For Good Reviews
Freebies for buyers or gift cards in exchange for the five-star review. That how some sellers run the business.

47% of Top Amazon Sellers Based in the US, 38% Based in China
According to Marketplace Pulse analysis, 38% of the top Amazon sellers based in the US, and 47% are based in the US. Do you want to know which US cities the most Amazon sellers run their business?

Amazon’s Lack of Transparency With Amazon Sellers Leads to Black Hat Methods
Amazon still suspending the sellers' accounts without a given reason or any notice. That has fueled a whole industry of selling critical reports of Amazon investigation.

Amazon Has Added Three Million Sellers Since 2017
According to Marketplace Pulse research, 3.3 million new sellers have joined Amazon since 2017, over a million of which joined the US marketplace.

Amazon Sellers Are Using Facebook Chatbots To Cheat Their Way To Good Reviews
Facebook ads and chatbots become a new way to get "Free" fake reviews for certain Amazon sellers.

Walmart’s New Pricing Program Ramps Up Holiday Shopping War With Amazon
Amazon vs. Walmart war is getting hotter! Walmart is lowering prices to hit Amazon hard and drag some customers and sellers of their side.

Amazon Sellers Say Online Retail Giant is Trying to Help Itself, Not Consumers
Retail giant Amazon under the regulator's investigation for abusing marketplace power and a potential violation of antitrust law.

Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores
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Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores

Is Amazon Unstoppable?
The master of cutthroat capitalism Jeff Bezos fight back to politicians who want to rein in the retail giant.

Can Amazon Third-Party Sellers Survive Under the Latest Algorithm Updates?
The latest changes in the Amazon algorithm will give favor Amazon's own products over any others. To adapt, sellers forced to switch to highly profitable products, optimize their listings and attract outside traffic.

How Well Does Amazon’s MarTech Understand Its Customers?
For smaller brands will be significantly more difficult to capitalize on their share of the Amazon market. The recipe for Amazon's success is the MarTech.

Amazon Updates

Amazon Sellers Can Apply for Small Business Award
Good news for Amazon sellers! Now they can nominate their businesses for the Amazon Small Business Award. Winners will receive an account management package as a prize, plus promotional support from Amazon and ad credits.

Whole Foods Selection Is Now on Amazon
Whole Foods assortment with two-hour delivery from a local store is now available not only for Prime members.

Is Amazon Coming for Your Law Firm Work
Amazon released its Amazon IP Accelerator. At the moment they focused on two segments that really affect sellers - it's trademarks and copyright.

Amazon Squeezes Sellers to Optimize Warehouse Space
New storage limitation from Amazon hitting sellers who use FBA service since January.

Using Amazon Ad Attribution to Track Offsite Campaigns
With Amazon Advertising, sellers will be able to track their promotion campaigns Facebook and Google.

A new weapon to crush competition: $1 items delivered for free - by tomorrow
Now Amazon customers can purchase low-priced items with free one-day Prime shipping.

Tips & Guides

Guide: How to Contact Amazon Seller Support
Full list of useful email addresses, phone contacts, and tips on the most efficient ways to use them.

How to Start a Multimillion-Dollar Amazon Business With Less Than $2,000
Co-founder and chairman of Amazon, co-creator of Amazon Selling Machine and advisor of The Oracles, Matt Clark explaining how to build your Amazon business spending only one hour a day.

How to Get Started With Dropshipping on Amazon
A quick tutorial for sellers who is ready to try dropshipping business on Amazon. Main points and strategy in short.