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#21 - Amazon Launchpad, Changes in Search Algorithms, and Much More

Amazon fulfillment center employee in an orange vest is sorting boxes on shelves

The best way to expand your customer base or build one from scratch - is to work with a partner that can give you the extra boost.


Years of testing adding new ad formats and retail placements on Amazon made the life of advertisers even harder.


Is revenue from Amazon private label brands worth all negative hype around it?


Amazon engineers under the pressure of executives changed the site's algorithm to favor its own brands.


"Smaller brands don’t need to compete with Amazon." - Leland Taylor, Vice President of Brand Buddy.


Amazon acknowledged that it is a huge and mighty company that must tackle head-on the uncomfortable questions about its power.


Is Amazon gone a truck too far? Actually, a truck, scooter, a plane or a drone too far?


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It's time to look at medium size niche platforms or marketplaces which offering a new and improved sellers fees.


Amazon is facing a heightened risk of antitrust litigation as a result of a recent investigation.


Take a look at results on the most efficient retail market in history - the internet. It's wonderful and terrifying for both buyers and sellers. Thankfully, negotiation can restore balance and control.


It's challenging for sellers to find the right items to sell among millions of products and belligerent competition. Fortunately, Amazon regularly shares a list of the most profitable categories and products.


Which logistics services customers want to have, and why 44% of online shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart.


Amazon Updates

Amazon suspended merchant accounts without 30-days' notice after changes in agreement last summer. And it's still happening.


How it works: login and click on the button to add promotion to your Amazon account. After you buy $50 worth of Amazon gift cards and you'll get a $15 credit in addition.


Amazon is still coy to announce that halting orders from their targeted group of vendors and it looks like it's official policy.


Amazon increased the number of sponsored products for own brands and label it with a badge "Our Brand" instead of "Sponsored".


Tips & Guides

Don't underestimate old-fashion copywriting - it could be a key to clicks and conversions.


Here are a number of tips and best practices to keep in mind as you compete to growth your Amazon business. It's a comprehensive overview of how to become a top seller on Amazon.


Learn how to deal with negative reviews and how to avoid them.


Don't miss insight into Amazon search and how to climb higher in the search results.