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Mid-month Summary for Amazon Sellers - September 2019

Shenzhen, the Capital of Amazon Sellers
Shenzhen hosts a third of third-party Chinese sellers on Amazon and is estimated to be the city with the largest number of Amazon sellers anywhere in the world.

New Amazon Product Advertising API is here and you need to migrate FAST!
Without much of a fanfare, Amazon has rolled out new Product Advertising API version 5. I've been really excited to hear about all the changes to API that Amazon neglected for quite some time.

American Tariffs are Having a Bigger Impact on US-Based Amazon Vendors Than Their Competitors in China, According to SellerMotor
For this particular data set, SellerMotor analyzed 480,000 SKUs from Chinese sellers and 17.9 million from U.S. sellers.

Why You May Not Want To Sell (Or Buy) On Amazon – Advice From Launching 30,000 Products
When you’re launching a new product or publishing a new book, one of the first distribution channels “experts” say you “have to” be on is Amazon. Not Jules Pieri.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage as a Closeout Strategy
Retail arbitrage is a booming business. Some practitioners are making six-figure incomes buying low-priced or clearance items from big-box retailers or even small or mid-sized online stores and reselling those items on Amazon.

Big Brands Are Using Amazon’s Anticounterfeiting Measures to Crush Small Businesses
Amazon sometimes requires small businesses to get permission from manufacturers to sell their products on Amazon Marketplace.

Just How Bad is Amazon's Banned Products Problem?
The average American purportedly has more trust in Amazon than their own government, which makes recent reports on thousands of potentially unsafe products.

Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores
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Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores

Amazon’s Shipping Challenges: Will Out-of-the-box Solutions Work?
Wharton's Senthil Veeraraghavan and Northwestern's Tarek Abdallah discuss how Amazon is attempting to balance low prices with unsustainable shipping costs...

Amazon Probed by U.S. Antitrust Officials Over Marketplace
A team of Federal Trade Commission investigators has begun interviewing small businesses that sell products on Amazon.com Inc. to determine whether the e-commerce giant is using its market power to hurt competition.

Amazon Can’t Force Their Mattress Become a Best-Seller
Last year Amazon launched two high-profile AmazonBasics products - a $59.99 Alexa-enabled microwave and a foam mattress starting at $129.99. However, while the microwave became the best-seller from day one, the mattress failed to do the same.

Amazon Updates

Amazon has Now Updated the Sellers’ Accounts Suspension Policies
The change is meant to encourage those who don’t have the time, energy or interest in writing reviews to still share their opinion about the product.

Amazon Tests a One-Tap Review System for Product Feedback
The change was made to solve a problem that was irritating the world’s largest eCommerce firm.

Amazon Helps Advertisers Analyze Marketing Investments
Amazon Attribution launched in beta last year and, and hundreds of brands now use it. Amazon explained on an overview page, “Help maximize your return on investment (ROI) and grow your product sales.

Survey of Amazon Sellers Offers Insights for 2019 Holiday Season
We wanted to understand how brands are preparing for the 2019 holidays, to generate ideas and identify potential roadblocks.

Amazon is Testing a ‘New’ Badge to Highlight Newly Released Products
It’s still unclear what criteria is used for the badges on Amazon, which give sellers a significant advantage on the marketplace.

Tips & Guides

How To Increase Your Amazon Sales Using Instagram Data in 2019
To increase Amazon sales means you must keep up with the competition and learn quickly what works and what doesn’t.

7 Red Flags That Could Mean a Product on Amazon is Actually Junk
Some items available for sale do not meet certain regulations or otherwise come from sketchy third-party sellers. Here are some easy ways to tell if an item ordered from Amazon will turn out to be junk.

How to Write Amazon Product Titles That Drive Clicks
Next to a compelling product photo, a title is likely the most important aspect of the description.

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