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Monthly Roundup for Amazon Sellers - August 2019

Even Amazon's Own Products Are Getting Hijacked By Imposter Sellers - Sellers are finding old AmazonBasics listings and using them to sell weighted blankets, knives, and clocks

Amazon Sales Data Shows Tariffs Hit US Vendors Harder - U.S.-based Amazon sellers are seeing weaker sales than their Chinese counterparts amid the trade war.

Here's How Scott Galloway Thinks Shopify Could Supplant Amazon - "Shopify has an opportunity to be the protein to Amazon’s virus."

Is Amazon Hosting The World’s Largest Consumer Fraud? - Did You Know Fake Reviews Come With Guarantees?"

Amazon Sellers Advertise Freebies on Facebook—Just Don't Forget to Leave a Review - Facebook users are being inundated with ads offering free electronics on Amazon. The catch?"

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Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores

Beware Tax Consequences of Amazon FBA Donation Program - Amazon can choose to destroy the inventory or dispose of inventory by selling it to liquidators who can resell it.

Third-Party Sellers: Opportunity or Threat for Amazon? - Who’s competing with Amazon’s third-party seller marketplace business?

Amazon is Harnessing ‘Strange’ Growth of Independent Sellers With New Tools - Third-party sellers paid the company $23.1 billion in commissions, shipping and fulfillment fees and for other services through the first half of 2019.

Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site. The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products - Amazon has proven unable or unwilling to effectively police third-party sellers on its site.

Shutting Down Amazon Scammers. Need Help! - Here is how these scammers are getting 1000s of verified reviews and creating tons of listing for the same product.

Amazon Updates

Amazon Waives Subscription Selling Fees for Handmade Store - Amazon is extending its monthly subscription fee waiver for Handmade Artisans yet again – this time, indefinitely.

Amazon Doesn’t Overlook Smaller Sellers - Amazon is introducing a wide variety of features designed to help independent small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow sales.

It’s Official, No More Cheap Shipping For Chinese Sellers - All USPS international GEPS contracts will be terminated September 31st.

Tips & Guides

The Common Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make, and How to Avoid Them! - Tips from the founder of successful Amazon Sellers' Workshop.

Amazon Sales Tax: Everything You Need to Know - This can be complicated because sales tax laws are subject to change and the amount of sales tax depends on numerous factors.

Thinking Outside the Box for Packaging Online Orders and Returns - Ultimate packing guide for Amazon sellers.

Amazon Ads Boost Marketplace Search Rankings - Amazon Ads will not only help spur marketplace sales but could start a virtuous cycle of revenue growth.

How Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Succeed on Amazon - Retailers need to view Amazon as a platform to not only sell more products but to build reputations as well.