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Mid-month Summary for Amazon Sellers - August 2019

Amazon is a Monopoly, an Interview With Sally Hubbard - How that affects consumers, businesses relying on Amazon, and competitors

Is Products Liability Closing In on Amazon? - Three decisions in July have ignited a potential firestorm of lawsuits lies ahead

Amazon Creates An Opening - Amazon is king of the hill today, and seems to do many things well, but that does not mean it is unassailable

Amazon Drivers Part of $10 Million Theft Ring, FBI Says - A theft ring sold millions of dollars' worth of stolen goods on Amazon

Amazon's All-Seeing Eye - Amazon Squeezes Sellers That Offer Better Prices on Walmart

Should Amazon Remain One Company? - Amazon's earnings missed estimates while revenue growth was strong

Senators Demand Amazon Explain How Junk Winds Up in “Choice” Listings - Is it all algorithmic? Is it paid for? Inquiring senators want to know.

FBA Catatalog - Finding Right Software For Your Amazon Business - A biggest catalog of Amazon software will help you to make an appropriate choice
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FBA Catatalog - Finding Right Software For Your Amazon Business

Struggling Inventors Find Success By Selling Directly On Amazon - The ultimate happy ending of Barzvi’s story is becoming more commonplace amongst product inventors.

Why Amazon Should be at The Center of Every Brand's E-Commerce Strategy - Dani Nadel, president and COO of Feedvisor.

Amazon Shows Why Search Disadvantages Handmade Goods - The good news is that Amazon has identified some of the challenges and is looking for solutions.

Amazon Admits to Fraud Risk - Counterfeiting woes affect shareholders, brand owners and consumers.

‘They Revel in Keeping it Messy’: Amazon’s Onsite Associates Program is Rewarding, But Risky For Publishers - Digiday spoke to five publishers participating in Onsite Associates.

Amazon Updates

Amazon Is Now Charging Vendors That Don't Meet Its New Packaging Requirements - The goal, according to Amazon, is to reduce cost and waste.

eBay and Amazon Update Sellers on Sales Tax - Wall Street Journal chided the states, characterizing sales tax legislation as a money grab that harms small-business owners.

Amazon Wants to Rule the Grocery Aisles, and Not Just at Whole Foods - Amazon executives pushing to add another food-selling option.

Sellers Can Now Clear FBA Stock by Selling on Amazon Outlet - However, not all items are eligible to be sold through Outlet.

Amazon is Testing a New Program That Lets it Control Third-Party Product Prices as its Pricing Policy Draws Criticism - A new program called Sold by Amazon launched last week.

Tips & Guides

How to Win The Buy Box to Sell on Amazon - To be eligible to qualify for buy box privileges, a seller must meet certain prerequisites.

An Advanced SEO Guide to Top Rankings on Amazon - Amazon optimization is more than just listing optimization.

Leveling Up From Product Seller to Brand Builder - The 10-step formula for creating video ads that engage, entertain and convert viewers into consumers.

Rope Me In, Tie Me Up - SaaS Age Vendor Lock-in is Here - Here's 13 ways SaaS vendors can tie us to a bad customer experience - and what to do about it.

How to Get Your Products on Amazon Pri - Many brands want to sell products that are eligible for Amazon Prime, but they don't know how to go about achieving this.

Amazon as a Search Engine: How to Leverage Product Consideration - Gain a comprehensive understanding of how consumers move through their purchase journeys.