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#71 - 18 Ways to Sell Amazon Business, and more

Boxes and packages moving on transporter tape in Amazon fulfillment center
Today is the best day ever! We're super excited to announce the new #71 issue of FBA Monthly! Only essential, curated news from Amazon space. Here are our top picks for the past two weeks. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

Hot News

Amazon launched in Egypt on September 1st. It is Amazon’s 20th global marketplace and follows Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the region, where it launched during the past two years.


“Amazon’s motivation on the PSP program is around ensuring that sellers on Amazon are high-quality sellers and Amazon can spot the bad actors,” says David Messenger, CEO of LianLian Global.


Chinese sellers have been losing market share on the Amazon marketplace for most of 2021. This year, after increasing market share for years, the trend has unexpectedly reversed.


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Good to Know

E-commerce is on the rise. The next key opportunity is how to support e-commerce sellers to improve and manage their businesses and drive more sales across multiple platforms.


Amazon want overseas sellers to either offer a UK return address or offer returnless refund for all items and orders under £20.


“Shippageddon” first entered the retail industry lexicon in late 2020, describing a conflation of global supply chain issues that led many brands and retailers to be under-stocked or otherwise unable to fulfill customer demand for purchases last year.


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According to Crunchbase, nine aggregators whose products sell primarily on Amazon have raised more than $2.3 billion in funding, with Massachusetts-based Thrasio leading the pack at $1.6 billion.


Choosing between the two options can be challenging for retailers looking to up their game in e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales. Here are some key questions to consider in making the choice.


The conference, which is free, aims to help third-party sellers develop their businesses, enhance their brands, and partner with Amazon, according to the company.


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This week, CNBC reported that Amazon is now moving cargo for outside customers in the U.S. The details, as they often are with Amazon, are sparse.


When Amazon announced that it was expanding its requirements for sellers to maintain a product liability insurance policy, the responses ranged from skeptical to outright hostile.


Amazon launched in Egypt on September 1st. It is Amazon’s 20th global marketplace and follows Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the region, where it launched during the past two years.


Amazon spun the new Returns Performance dashboard as a positive, saying it would help sellers monitor their returns performance and proactively address return-related issues.


Keep reading to discover who the top Amazon brand aggregators are, what they’re looking for in potential investments, what their acquisition process looks like, and a few exclusive tips directly from the aggregators.


Packable, the parent company of Pharmapacks, said Thursday it plans to public through a merger with Highland Transcend Partners I Corp., a special purpose acquisition company. The deal will value the combined company at $1.55 billion.


Amazon.com Inc. isn’t just an e-commerce giant, it’s also the biggest seller of clothing and shoes in the U.S., according to the latest edition of Wells Fargo’s report “Amazon & the Retail Rainforest.”


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Tips and Tricks

Let’s go over what you can do while you wait for your private label product to arrive, and the benefits of staying on top of your game.


Amazon’s new policy comes at a time when courts have been asked the question who is responsible for defective products when they are bought from an online platform that is acting as the go-between for the seller and the purchaser.


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As an Amazon seller, you need to be sure you are prepared for the surge of gift-hunting customers on Amazon in the coming months. But don’t panic just yet—you still have time to make these six seller moves, and get your business ready.


There are several underutilized Amazon selling tools that brand-registered sellers can take advantage of for free. Here, I'll review the top three free tools that I think could help you reach a wider audience and earn more loyal customers.


If you are unfamiliar with Alibaba and how it works, it can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about Alibaba, so you can successfully source quality products for your private label Amazon FBA business.



Rep. Jayapal sat down with GeekWire to talk about her “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” (H.R. 3825) — legislation she says has the support of the Biden administration.


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