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#73 - Big change by Amazon? and much more...

Yellow plastic boxes on transporter tape at Amazon fulfillment center
Greetings, fellow readers! We are pleased to announce that the new, #73 issue of FBA Monthly is here! Only essential, curated news from Amazon space. Follow @FBAmonthly on Twitter to let us know what do you think about the issue.

Hot News

Yet policies set by Amazon are not fair, not reflective of a competitive environment, and squarely put the balance of power in Amazon’s hands, at the expense of sellers.


The overlap of sellers that sell on both Amazon and Shopify is growing. What used to be separate and distinct groups of entrepreneurs is converging.


Mysterious brands are flooding shopping sites and social media ads, making it difficult to tell the real from the low-quality.


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Good to Know

What’s more, enterprises that have scaled globally or digitally are prepared to pay a premium for sophisticated multi-country processors, local support, enhanced reconciliation, payments-adjacent services, and better payments performance in general.


The aggregators are raising funds at a phenomenal rate — last month investors pumped $1.1bn into the sector in Europe in a single day.


Amazon sellers are buzzing about a notification they received on Friday that said as of November 30, they would no longer be approved to list Sony in Computer & Video Games products.


If you’re a reputable Chinese gadget manufacturer with millions of dollars at stake because Amazon banned your ass for inflating user reviews... do you roll over?


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The platform has reportedly become rife with scammers uploading other people’s designs and selling them as their own work. Often these designs are sold at a cheaper price than the originals.


Welcome to a busy Thursday and The Technology 202! A hearing a day keeps the regulation at bay, right? Facebook may soon find out.


In the last year, Amazon has cracked down on companies soliciting paid reviews on its platform, claiming to have permanently banned 600 Chinese brands across 3,000 seller accounts.


Small sellers say Amazon is warning them they must purchase product liability insurance despite being significantly under the threshold for the newly revised mandate.


Amazon has kicked off the holiday shopping season earlier than ever, announcing deals on thousands of items on its online store starting the first week of October.


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The internet marketplace has fundamentally changed the way Americans shop. From back-to-school supplies to Christmas gifts, even medicines to everyday needs like groceries, anyone’s shopping list is only a few clicks away.


Amazon sellers who participate in FBA fulfillment service derided its deadlines for getting their inventory to its warehouses in time for the holidays.


The #1 most-searched term on Amazon is “squid game costume.” Netflix’s hit dystopian thriller “Squid Game” spawned a craze for Squid Game costumes less than two weeks after the show was released.


Pandemic-related shipping slowdowns, factory shutdowns, and clogged ports have made it difficult for retailers to receive enough inventory to meet demand.


Amazon announced a settlement with Kelly Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly-Krejci who used TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to promote and facilitate the sale of counterfeit luxury fashion goods in Amazon’s store, as well as on other online marketplaces.


Rather than make sensitive people avert their eyes when shopping, Amazon is making some changes to listings for certain types of products, requiring them to be classified as adult products.


Amazon works hard to delight our customers every day, and we want you to have peace of mind when shopping for products in our store-including items sold by third-party sellers.


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Tips and Tricks

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Fake toys, fake electronics, fake pills and downright dangerous merchandise: Amazon, the “everything store”, truly has mostly anything. Is this something to be expected from such a huge online store or a major problem?


Many packages that never make it to their destination can be bought online and in person, but watch out for scams.


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While plenty of furniture makers with a strong e-commerce game made out like bandits during the pandemic, launching a direct-to-consumer offering from scratch in the midst of global upheaval and supply-chain snags is certainly no easy feat.



The series delved into how many women lost money putting faith in a company that, as Rolling Stone puts it, was “something dangerously close to a cult.


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