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#143 - Amazon Infiltrates Cannes Lions, Fee Changes Squeeze Margins, and more

Welcome to Issue #143 of FBA Monthly! We're excited to bring you the latest insights, strategies, and success stories to help you excel in the Amazon marketplace. In this edition, we're focusing on innovative tactics and tools to enhance your Amazon selling experience. From optimizing your product listings to mastering new advertising techniques, we've curated expert advice to keep you at the forefront of e-commerce trends.

Hot News

None of the ads from Amazon’s $49 billion ad network won any awards at the prestigious Cannes Lions, but Amazon was the most visible company at the festival. Amazon spoke at Cannes Lions, a week-long festival for advertisers, for the first time in 2020. At the time, its ads business was $14 billion. In 2022, it had grown to $32 billion, and Amazon built a separate 27,000-square-foot event space at the port in Cannes. The ad business is now $49 billion, and “The House of Amazon” was its biggest yet.


Amid the hoopla surrounding next month’s Prime Day, it’s worth remembering the marginal impact of that event on Amazon’s overall financial performance. Measured by bottom-line profit, Amazon in 2024 is mostly a cloud computing company. Yet millions of merchants and consumers rely on Amazon’s marketplace. What follows is our analysis of the company’s overall financial performance and its plans for shoppers, sellers, logistics, and more.


Amazon sellers are under pressure this year, as they are feeling squeezed by a variety of fees. Earlier this year, Amazon unveiled changes to the fees it charges its third-party sellers. The fee changes impact sellers that utilize the tech company’s service Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA. In exchange for various fees through FBA — which can include charges for listings, inventory storage, shipping and advertising — sellers get access to Prime shipping, which makes their products all the more enticing to customers.


Good to Know

The growing suite of GenAI tools from Amazon Ads helps brands quickly and easily create lifestyle images around their products, elevating the customer discovery experience. Image Generator, announced last fall, is already changing the way Amazon advertisers are approaching creative development and connecting with their customers.


Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is one of the most interesting, unique businesses you can start. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s a program offered by Amazon to third-party merchants that allows you to get your products on Amazon’s website and leverage its global fulfillment network to scale your e-commerce business. This is a huge simplification, but lots of people have made a healthy living, even small fortunes with Amazon FBA, and it is built on one of the most trusted brands in the world.


Amazon has a powerful and growing presence in the beauty space, including the Amazon Premium Beauty storefront for prestige beauty products. CivicScience data show that Amazon is the most popular place for online beauty shoppers to begin their web search for products, outranking Google, YouTube, and other social platforms and online stores. Yet, the question remains – how many beauty buyers end up purchasing products from Amazon?


Amazon is bringing its generative AI listing smarts to more sellers, revealing today that those in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. can now access tools designed to improve product listings by generating product descriptions, titles and associated details. Additionally, sellers can “enrich” existing product listings by automatically adding missing information.


Did you know that Amazon Prime Day began in 2015 as a 20th anniversary celebration for Amazon? Since then, it’s become a much-awaited summer event where people stock up on electronics, outdoor items, clothing, beauty products and more. All in all, Prime Day is, well, a prime day to get a whole bunch of stuff at discount prices. Let’s start shopping!


The Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) is a global team dedicated to partnering with law enforcement, brands, and other stakeholders to disrupt counterfeiters and their networks. Learn more about the CCU, and continue to visit this page for the latest news and updates. Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) filed six lawsuits against bad actors operating various illicit schemes that attempted to evade Amazon’s product approval processes, such as product vetting requirements that must be met before a product is approved for sale in the Amazon store.


A seller asked in a post on the Amazon discussion boards today, "Is FBA automation by a third party company a scam or legit?" They said they had received calls from four companies in the last 6 months, each promising to help them set up an Amazon business. But the seller asked the question after already signing on with one such company and paying it $12,500 upfront - an excerpt of their post follows.


A Minnesota woman received a box filled with baby reveal balloons from Amazon. A family in Illinois had dozens of boxes from Temu delivered to their doorstep, including military hats and cameras. And like many others around the U.S. who have gotten a surprise shipment of seemingly random goods, neither had ordered the items. Consumer protection experts say an unwanted e-commerce order can indicate a so-called brushing scam — a technique some unscrupulous online retailers use to generate fake reviews for their products.


NICE have released their 2024 International Happiness Index – inaugural research which highlights the opportunity gap between consumer demands and what businesses are delivering when it comes to CX. The index found most consumers believe if organisations leverage digital and AI solutions in customer service, it can close the gap and make them happier consumers… and more loyal!


Amazon has for years given preferential treatment to a small group of sellers on its India platform, publicly misrepresented its ties with the sellers and used them to circumvent increasingly tough foreign investment rules that affect e-commerce, internal company documents reviewed by Reuters show. The documents, dated between 2012 and 2019, are reported here for the first time.


Tips and Tricks

Amazon is synonymous with online retail. With a shopper base of 300 million active customers and a brand value of $705.65 billion, it has become the ultimate destination for most modern retailers. But the competition on the platform is stiff. It has around 1.9 million active sellers worldwide, a number that is skyrocketing every year.


When searching for a product to sell on Amazon, you want to be sure you have the best data available to determine demand and competition. Jungle Scout has mastered the product and keyword research space (and much more), with hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers trusting our data and metrics to discover and launch products on Amazon. But how does it stack up against Jungle Scout’s functionality? Let’s find out.


Amazon India is the pioneer of eCommerce and contributes significantly to eCommerce sales. This year, Amazon Prime consumers made purchases worth more than 250 million worldwide during the 2021 event. Most teenagers and youngsters have agreed that Amazon is their favorite website for online shopping and they can locate almost all products there. Thus, selling on Amazon in today’s eCommerce scenario is a good idea.


One way to increase the visibility of your product listings on Amazon is to use Amazon PPC. The platform provides brands with an opportunity to build brand awareness and increase revenue with minimal costs. However, you must understand how the system works for you to be able to manage your account and achieve your PPC goals. This is by no means an easy task. Entrepreneurs and small businesses may not have enough manpower and resources to manage ads. Meanwhile, for larger companies, PPC management takes a lot of their time and effort that could be best focused on vital business operations.


Jenny Woo's four streams of income have taught her a few important lessons: how to start side hustles, sustain them and make them more lucrative. Woo is a 42-year-old ex-corporate consultant and Montessori school administrative director who lectures at the University of California, Irvine, runs an online emotional intelligence course and freelances as a business consultant.


If you’re aiming to increase earnings from your online content, implementing an affiliate marketing strategy may be a good idea. Amazon hosts one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs, occupying nearly half of the entire affiliate network market. With more than 900,000 affiliate partners, the Amazon Associates program helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their traffic.


Online sellers on the Amazon Marketplace can gain valuable tips from Onramp Funds’ Prime Day Playbook as they prepare for the upcoming annual sales extravaganza. Taking place annually in July, Amazon Prime Day is a massive sales event exclusive to Amazon Prime members, boasting deals across various product categories. Prime Day consistently breaks sales records, reaching an estimated US$12 billion worldwide in 2023.


WITH A FEW keystrokes you can find almost anything on Amazon ... and buy it with as little as a single click. It’s a wonderbox of capitalism. I once typed in “yak” for no good reason and Amazon’s algorithms suggested “yak cheese himalayan dog chews.” So I hit Enter and up popped pages filled with hundreds of different dog chews that I have since learned are an all-natural, satisfying, long-lasting treat for pups.



Join us as we explore crucial importing and inventory management strategies with Afolabi Oyerokun, a seasoned Amazon seller with over 20 years of experience. Afolabi takes us through his remarkable journey from Nigeria to the United States, where he transitioned from fashion design to computer animation before making his mark in e-commerce. Discover his insights on avoiding costly pitfalls when importing products from overseas, managing inventory effectively, and ensuring you don’t run out or overstock.