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#142 - Who Owns Amazon? Best Sellers and Trending Products in June 2024, and more

Welcome to Issue #142 of FBA Monthly! As we dive into this edition, we're thrilled to provide you with the tools and insights to unlock your full potential on Amazon. In this issue, we're uncovering the latest strategies to boost your sales and optimize your listings. From mastering Amazon's newest features to leveraging data-driven marketing techniques, we’ve got the expert tips you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Hot News

With 64,588,418 shares, Jeff Bezos is the primary individual investor. Owning 12.7% of the company. Other top individual investors include Amazon’s CEO Andy Jessy, who has 94,729 shares. Top institutional investors include mutual funds like The Vanguard Group (6.6% ownership) and BlackRock (5.7% ownership).


In the bustling metropolis of e-commerce, Amazon Is the ultimate marketplace, where sellers wish to sell their products to endless customers. For those who wish to use FBA, the major reason to do so has been the easy and prompt logistics along with access to their prime customers. But despite the consistent volume of sales and revenue the dread of Amazon account suspension continues to linger.


At Jungle Scout, we dive into Amazon product and category data to identify product opportunities and track ecommerce trends. This article dives into some of Amazon’s best sellers over the past 30 days and their changing product sales and revenue. While we can’t guarantee that every product on this list will be a surefire hit, our tools can help you find the best opportunities to reach your ecommerce goals.


Good to Know

Amazon sellers are reportedly increasingly turning to Google Ads to boost their business and stand out in the crowded marketplace. With the emergence of startups specializing in mining Google queries for potential buyers, sellers can now target specific demographics and send them to Amazon, creating a valuable pipeline for new customers, Bloomberg reported Thursday (May 30).


Online shopping has taken off recently, with Amazon leading the way. The e-commerce giant dominates the marketplace by focusing on seller success and customer experience. Amazon offers unparalleled shopping and selling. Full stop. As an individual seller, you can tap into their massive global reach to grow your business. In 2020 alone, Amazon powered $200 billion in sales for third-party sellers – record growth even for them. Now that’s impressive.


With his Los Angeles home furnished almost exclusively with secondhand items and a TikTok with over 220,000 followers interested in his thrifty hauls, Gaskill trusts the shopping platform to be a reliable source for hidden gems: a thousand-dollar Herman Miller light and pendant he nabbed for $400; a $5,000 bed from the same designer he bought for 20% of the original price; and a Founders midcentury dresser worth $4,000 that Gaskill got for $800.


Amazon often resells returned items as new, if they pass inspection—though this isn't always reliable. Shop for items both sold and shipped by Amazon to reduce your chances of receiving a used product. Contact Amazon if your purchase isn't new. They usually resolve issues quickly, but don't abuse the policy.With increasing regularity, I'm buying brand-new products directly from Amazon and they arrive in used condition. If you're a regular Amazon shopper, it's probably happened to you, though you may not have realized. But why is this happening? And can we do anything about it?


The major Australian marketplace shopper study uncovered Australian consumers' perceptions of the seven largest marketplace platforms: Amazon, eBay, Catch, Kogan, Temu, MyDeal, and Shein. Temu was ranked as the lowest marketplace in perceived product quality at only 7%, followed by Shein, with just 8% of shoppers expressing trust in its product quality. This contrasts with a majority of shoppers saying that they trusted the quality of the products sold on Amazon.


Amazon updated the Feedback Manager tool in Seller Central, explaining that sellers can now see their seller-fulfilled customer service performance across three critical insights: contacts, response time, and buyer sentiment. “These updates can help you identify opportunities for customer service improvement through Buyer-Seller Messaging and trends for the prior four-week period, on a rolling basis,”


Accidentally sending imperfect items to customers can result in unwanted returns, so Amazon is using technology to identify damaged products before shipping them to buyers, it announced this week. “Using a combination of generative AI and computer vision technologies, Project P.I. (“private investigator”) is able to uncover defects, like damaged products or issues like wrong color or size, before products reach customers.”


In 2021, Amazon tightened a policy that requires sellers to obtain insurance and expanded its A-to-Z Guarantee to cover customers against defective products in cases of property damage or personal injury, even when a third-party seller has sold the item.


At the New York Post, we pride ourselves on working around the clock to test the best products, scout the best deals and bring to life serviceable, shopping-based content to guide you in spending your time and money wisely. That’s why Amazon Prime Day is an industry-known case study of sorts in the world of online retail. It’s the two-day shopping event that occurs once (or twice, or even three times, perhaps?) annually that has us all clicking onto Amazon, searching for whatever we need — and then some — and reaping the benefits of free and fast two-day shipping, slashed-down prices and a satisfied experience.


Rise Up! has swiftly captivated readers with its powerful collection of life-changing stories, illustrating triumph over extraordinary hardships and the courage to start anew. Since its launch, the book has climbed the Amazon best-sellers charts, securing notable rankings, including impressive placements in the Entrepreneurship and Motivational Leadership categories. Additionally, it has made its mark on the Motivation & Self Improvement and Personal Finance bestseller lists and ranked on nine New Release lists!


A few days ago, Amazon Japan made an announcement through its Seller Central discussion forum, but it’s one that affects buyers as well. The e-commerce giant will be altering its payment options policy, and shoppers will no longer be able to choose to pay by cash on delivery, or daikin hikikae, as it’s called in Japanese. The option is being removed for all items sold through Amazon Japan, both those sold by Amazon itself and those offered through Amazon Marketplace.


Amazon launched generative AI-powered features last year to help sellers quickly create listings by entering just a few words about the product. The company is now making it easier for sellers to create listings if an item is already listed on their website. The e-commerce giant's new tool uses AI to parse details from an item's URL on another site and create an Amazon listing. The feature is rolling out in English to sellers in the U.S.


Amazon’s sales are almost as famous as the retail giant’s famously low prices. The online giant throws a couple of big discount events around the year - the spring sale, autumn discounts and, of course, Black Friday in November. Yet there’s one that tops them all: Amazon Prime Day.


Tips and Tricks

The hardest part about selling on Amazon is, well, figuring out what to sell on Amazon. You may have what you think is a great idea for a product, but smart sellers rely on data — not always their gut instincts — for which products to invest in. How do you pick the best products to sell on Amazon? How do you know what consumers are buying during this time of year? How much inventory should you purchase? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this article, so keep reading.


Amazon confirmed it will hold its 10th Prime Day sale in July, and sellers reportedly had until May 17th to submit deals for a chance to be selected for Prime Day deals. But as Jungle Scout’s Eva Hart told us, sellers should remember that Prime Day goes beyond just Amazon. Hart, who is also the owner of Couples Coffee on Amazon, also pointed out that sellers don’t have to be limited to FBA inventory – they can also offer Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) options to meet Amazon customer demand with deals.


A stressed mum-of-three who created blackout blinds for her children after they struggled to sleep now has a thriving £1.3m turnover business. Audrey Buck, 56, of Reydon, near Southwold, wanted to be a stay-at-home mum so launched her business, Easyblinds, from home. It was inspired by a chat with a friend about the wakeful nights she was experiencing with her children. Her friend told her about a DIY blackout blind trick made from a bin bag.


AI-enabled technology ensures customers receive products in the condition they expect, and is helping Amazon further its sustainability efforts. Inside Amazon fulfillment centers across North America, millions of products ranging from dog food and phone cases to T-shirts and books pass through imaging tunnels every day, where one artificial intelligence (AI) model named “Project P.I.,” which stands for “private investigator,” uses detective-like tools to scan items for defects.


Jenny Woo's four streams of income have taught her a few important lessons: how to start side hustles, sustain them and make them more lucrative. Woo is a 42-year-old ex-corporate consultant and Montessori school administrative director who lectures at the University of California, Irvine, runs an online emotional intelligence course and freelances as a business consultant. She also has a side hustle called Mind Brain Emotion where creates emotional intelligence-focused card games — 11 of them so far, on topics ranging from relationship skills to job interviews — and sells them on Amazon.


You may have come across some of your favorite bloggers, influencers, or YouTube videos saying that they’ll earn a small commission when you make a purchase using the link on their post’s description box. If this link is an Amazon link, chances are, they’re an Amazon Affiliate. The Amazon Affiliate Program, or Amazon Associates, can be a potentially viable income stream for content creators, publishers, and websites.



Join us in this episode as we sit down with Leo Segovio, a top expert in the space, to discuss a wide range of topics that are essential for E-commerce sellers. Leo shares his unique insights on how optimizing Amazon images can significantly impact indexing and ranking. He also opens up about his recent ventures, including a software project for influencer and affiliate marketing, and an intriguing Airbnb project in Italy. Additionally, Leo provides valuable tips for Amazon sellers looking to diversify their income by investing in real estate, highlighting the importance of strategic investments to complement a thriving Amazon business.