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#30 - Amazon GMV in 2019. Little-Known Marketing Tool. Busting Myths.

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In 2019, sellers on the Amazon marketplace sold $200 billion worth of products, and as a retailer, Amazon’s sales were $135 billion. For a total Amazon gross merchandise volume of $335 billion, Marketplace Pulse estimates based on Amazon disclosures.


There is new data that indicates a substantial number of good customers of Amazon are not happy. But from a survey by a supply chain software company, you will learn how Amazon solves it.


In October last year, Amazon quietly launched ‘Posts’ - a marketing tool available to Amazon vendors and sellers who are Brand-Registered only. What the secret of success and when regular sellers will able to use it?


Good to Know

Everyone knows Amazon, or thinks they do. But most shoppers and even retailers misunderstand how this gargantuan marketplace really works. We deconstruct 8 common fallacies.


Amazon customers are alerted regarding fancy brand-new scam where targets are fooled into handing over their personal details as well as money.


Noviland is a US-based sourcing & purchasing solution that mitigates all the risks and painpoints that come with Alibaba

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Amazon does not actively select the products it declares its choice: the company instead automatically bestows the commendation on products that match an undisclosed set of criteria including good reviews, low price and fast shipping.


As Amazon improves its advertising technology and overall ad spend increases, brands are placing their products where customers previously looked for suggested products.


The above scenario sounds like third-party seller bliss, but there’s trouble in paradise.


What do the brands ‘tinkertonk’, ‘Yahead’, ‘PrimeMatik’, ‘HomeDesign’, ‘Blinky’, ‘Rottner’, and ‘Popamazing’ have in common? They’re all fake brands.


“Amazon, with its size, now substitutes for government in a lot of what it does,” said Rebecca Tushnet, a First Amendment and copyright law professor at Harvard University.


On a recent trip to India, Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon, talked about the company’s plans to bring more than 10 million micro, small, and medium-sized businesses online by 2025.


"Amazon is very clear about the product reviews on its site — they’re not allowed to be rigged or bogus. But that doesn’t stop some merchants from trying.


A new report from Feedvisor of more than 1,000 U.S. brands shows an increased uptake of Amazon advertising amongst the cohort: 73% of respondents now advertise on Amazon, up from 57% last year.


The figure includes businesses selling on Amazon.com in the U.S., as well as those selling on the international marketplaces.


Tips and Tricks

What do you need to know about the Buy Box, and how do you guarantee that your products and listings secure a spot within it? We’ve got the answers to all of your questions.


Amazon may be the most widely recognized 800-pound gorilla in the e-commerce space, but when it comes to building strong customer relationships - digitally native brands have the upper hand.


This article presents all you need to know about taking your FBA to the level you crave for.


We’ve sourced insights from DTC companies selling successfully on Amazon — like food brands Justin’s and Country Archer — and explore the limitations of DTC, the benefits of having a presence on Amazon, and what brands need to know in order to stay ahead of their competition.


Digital business buyers are a demanding lot with big expectations, but many B2B sellers are still struggling to meet those expectations, says Mary Shea, principal analyst covering B2B marketing at Forrester Research Inc.


Amazon has a number of features and tricks up its sleeve that you may not know about.



With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel and Greg Mercer of JungleScout


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