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#31 - The State of the Amazon Seller 2020. Coronavirus Consequences.

Amazon employee with a trolly is standing between high shelves and sorting packages.

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Insights from 1,046 Amazon sellers. Explore the key findings and download the full report for free.


Tens of thousands of Amazon sellers are based in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak.


If the full appeals court rules against Amazon, "I think it could have a significant effect throughout the country," said Professor Aaron Twerski.


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Good to Know

Amazon launched a new feature to give sellers enrolled in its FBA fulfillment program greater visibility into reimbursements and customer returns.


In 1848, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, miners discovered gold. We know that times as the gold rush. In recent years, a similar boom has occurred in e-commerce, fueled by cheap advertising and distribution through Facebook, Google, and Amazon.


The Everything Store, which stocks more than 100 million items, is working to avoid disruptions in its supply chain.


Amazon sent an email to merchants, both in the EU and the US, regarding uploading French VAT numbers to Seller Central.


For D-to-C brands, listing products on established, reliable third-party marketplaces like Amazon.com and eBay can be extremely beneficial and profitable.


Amazon’s third-party sellers made up more than half of the company’s $280 billion revenue in 2019. So just who are these people?


Amazon is trying to alleviate concerns of brands who worry about having to compete with rivals on the giant marketplace.


Spending on Sponsored Product ads, which are historically Amazon’s most popular ad product, is continuing to go up, as are prices.


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Tips and Tricks

Amazon’s A+ Content can help you build your brand and tell your story in a unique and memorable way.


With customer satisfaction and loyalty on the line, many companies are looking for ways to accelerate ecommerce order fulfillment and their logistics operations. If you find yourself in a similar struggle with “the need for speed,” here are four strategies that can help.


Amazon has 16 marketplaces worldwide. So what are all of Amazon’s global marketplaces, how are they different, and how can you get started selling on Amazon? Let’s explore the data...


The platform's new terms could include a higher percentage for accruals, increased freight costs, more Amazon Marketing Services spend, raised AMS budgets, and numerous other costs - but this should not be cause for panic.


A famous property buying company took a more detailed look at Search Terms. Here, we’ll discuss its meaning, importance, and application of keywords veiled in these listings.


Having demographics data enables you to target your messages and advertising spend more strategically. Amazon has finally given sellers that ability with its new Brand Analytics report in Seller Central.


These are five examples of ways marketplace sellers can increase conversion rates with minimal cost.


"You must start with answering some important questions: what are your goals, what are you trying to achieve? From there, what’s your competitive advantage? Why should customers purchase from you over the competitors?"



When it comes to running an online business, time is money. But managing a business could sometimes feel like you have an endless to-do list: just as soon as you cross out a task, another one pops up.