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#32 - Amazon Attribution. Huge Back-Tax Bills. MCF Fees Reduction.

Employee surrounded by carton boxes at Amazon fulfilment center.

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Start unifying your advertising measurement with Amazon Attribution. Now you can discover how your non-Amazon digital marketing tactics are helping drive sales on Amazon.


'I can’t pay money I never made, that I never collected. We can’t afford one more lien. One more state, and that’s it, it’s game over,' Jenson told Bloomberg Tax.


Currently, Prime customers can get free one-day shipping for orders placed before noon, but it only guarantees delivery by 9pm. Soon you may be getting packages even quicker.


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Sellers were pleased, though sounded wary, noting Amazon had just increased some fees last month.


Amazon launched in the Netherlands on Tuesday, March 10th. Over a thousand local retailers joined the marketplace already, and more than thirty thousand worldwide sellers in total were present at the launch.


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The site explains that it invested over $15 billion in infrastructure, seller tools, and the expansion of the Free One-Day Delivery program.


So, aside from the surprising difference in their representation on the site, what other variances exist between the genders?


Amazon has made it a habit to copy Alibaba's business ventures lately, but their most recent attempt — an online luxury platform — seems ill-fated for many reasons.


'From March 20, 2020, the Amazon Business invoicing policy will no longer allow you to use the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service to provide invoices and credit notes to Amazon Business customers.' – Amazon


Amazon is like an iceberg – cold, foreboding, big on top and even bigger and perhaps more treacherous underneath.


Amazon had faced criticism after sellers attempted to take advantage of the outbreak by inflating the price of items like sanitizer, face masks and hazmat suits.


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Tips and Tricks

Have you ever thought about moving your brand from Amazon to retail? This could be beneficial, as retail outlets allow your customers to physically experience your product.


Take a look at the primary differences between these two fulfillment methods — including which requires more experience and which is more profitable.


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Using Amazon Live can be just as powerful as showcasing your products on QVC or your own infomercial — but without having to jump through all the hoops those platforms demand.


Strategies to ensure your ad campaigns stay in the black as advertising on Amazon gets more competitive.


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what is the Best Sellers Rank? And what does it mean for your Amazon FBA business? In this article, we’ll dive deep into what the BSR actually is and how understanding its function can benefit your business.



Episode 119 of the Serious Sellers Podcast hosts Justin Chen, the co-founder of the PickFu split-testing platform on how Amazon sellers can benefit.