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#33 - End Of China As A Global Manufacturing Hub?

Amazon employee loads yellow plastic boxes on a conveyor of FBA center
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Hot News

“Using China as a hub...that model died this week, I think,” says Vladimir Signorelli, head of Bretton Woods Research, a macro investment research firm.


This isn’t business as usual, and it’s a time of great stress and uncertainty. It’s also a moment in time when the work we’re doing is its most critical.


Amazon India has halted most of its operations as well as deactivated all of the nearly 600,000 marketplace sellers as much of the country is under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The country’s 1.3 billion people are in a three-week lockdown.


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Good to Know

Are Amazon Sellers preparing for a long-lasting economic crisis? How hard have they been hit? Or has the viral outbreak provided a silver lining and boosted sales?


Nearly 750,000 sellers globally and more than 250,000 sellers on the U.S. marketplace use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, according to Marketplace Pulse research.


Amazon’s new policy to prioritize shipments of essential items dominated headlines over the past week, but there is another side to the story.


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THE 148TH MOST popular book on Amazon Wednesday wasn’t actually a book at all: It was a package of 50 disposable face masks—the kind that shoppers have scrambled to buy amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Online sellers have both defended the practice as capitalism's supply-and-demand model and condemned the practice as exploitive during a public health crisis.


51% of new sellers in March were from China, an increase from 39% last year, according to Marketplace Pulse research.


In its March 21st post, Amazon offered tips for sellers switching from FBA to Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN), which many sellers refer to as FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).


Tens of thousands of negative seller reviews are flooding in as shoppers complain about price gauging, low quality, canceled orders, and not receiving orders after weeks of waiting.


The coronavirus will provide a long-term boost for online retailers—if they can stay in business during what will likely be a rocky economy, say three investment professionals who specialize in evaluating the financial prospects of online retailers and other direct-to-consumer brands.


Amazon FBA is waiving long-term storage fees for inventory for which it has received removal orders, it announced Tuesday, another sign its fulfillment centers are stressed from coronavirus demand.


Amazon's decision not to restock nonessential items to keep up with the inventory in demand because of the coronavirus could be a frustration for Prime members.


Tips and Tricks

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