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#34 - Amazon Gives A Boost To Merchants Who Fulfill Their Own Orders

Amazon fulfillment center employee surrounded by carton boxes with Amazon logo is sorting products
Welcome to FBA Monthly,
thank you so much for joining us here. It has been tons of news in Amazon space during the past two weeks, but we read it all to select for you only important ones.

Hot News

Customer satisfaction with Amazon marketplace sellers reached a new low in March, driven by order cancelations, long delivery estimates, fake tracking numbers, price gauging, and other issues. In the U.S., 92% of customers had a positive experience last month, down from 95% a year ago.


Up until last week, Amazon was still giving “Buy Box” preference to offers that were fulfilled by Amazon’s own logistics network, even if the shipping time was considerably longer and the price was more expensive.


Amazon is making another big change to its supply chain services. It's suspending its third-party shipping program, Amazon Shipping, starting in June.


Good to Know

With the coronavirus disrupting the sales of non-essential products on Amazon, sellers are scrambling to service their customers through other channels and maintain their ecommerce sales.


Amazon's affiliate program will maintain its direct relationships with thousands of digital publishers and supply-side ad exchange Transparent Ad Marketplace.


Amazon announces the launch of Vendor APIs! Allowing Vendors to automate their integration with Amazon more efficiently.


China will hold the spring session of its largest trade expo online in late June.


With cyberspace reducing the distance between consumers and your store, cross-border e-commerce presents an enormous opportunity.


Some retail brands are seeing huge spikes in demand for their products, whether that’s stocking up on essential sundries, bringing their leisure activities into the home, or finding ways to educate children and work remotely.


Amazon is waiving seller referral fees of certain medical supplies that are in high demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, part of an effort to encourage sellers to make additional inventory of the items available at competitive prices.”


Amazon has temporarily extended its returns window for US and Canada customers to May 31 to give people more time to ship back their items during the coronavirus pandemic.


Amazon tried to clear up confusion on Wednesday about what triggers the company to suspend sellers for price gouging during the current COVID-19 pandemic


Amazon introduced a targeting feature in Sponsored Display for U.S. sellers. The feature available via Seller Central.


Tips and Tricks

FBA has turned away inbound deliveries of non-essential goods, leaving sellers to fend for themselves. What Sellers Can Do Now.


Amazon have published some Amazon FBM tips for merchants who have been using Amazon FBA but are transitioning to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for the first time.


The pandemic has uncovered problems with the massive marketplace; here's what brands need to do.


It’s a weird time, and we about to cover Amazon bookselling from every angle: The good and the bad.



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In today’s episode, we discuss the risks involved in doing retail arbitrage on Amazon and how they can get your seller account suspended.


Japan has set aside $2.2 billion in its record economic stimulus package to fund companies to move their production out of China. WION's Palki tells you why it's time to practice economic distancing from China.