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#47 - Amazon’s Prime Day Will be Very Different This Year

Employees in orange vests sorting boxes in Amazon fulfillment center
'I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.' That's L. M. Montgomery. And she was right. Prime Day is approaching! Also, If you have been in the Amazon space for any amount of time, by now, you probably know that Q4 is the biggest sale season of the year. Don't miss notable news of the past two weeks in #47 issue of FBA Monthly!

Hot News

“We’re selling on Amazon, paying for fulfillment and advertising — and now have to pay Amazon to fix their own abuse,” said one seller.


Online shopping remains strong heading into the holidays and analysts expect Prime Day sales will top last year’s event. But a mid-October Prime Day could still result in some snafus.


A damning congressional report about Big Tech helps make the case to break up Jeff Bezos’ empire.


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Good to Know

Prime members who purchase $10 in products from a small business selling on Amazon will earn a $10 credit to spend on Prime Day.


What happens to all returns? You might figure they simply get resold to someone else. Think again.


The review, like many on the e-commerce platform, is fake. Amazon banned incentivized reviews in 2016, but it’s still a rampant problem on the platform.


New and innovative way! All done via SMS. Ask customers to text in their orders to trigger SMS funnels. Reviews via MMS photos are automatically detected.

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Amazon's announcement falls in line with its now-regular cycle of introducing new tools for combatting counterfeiters and infringers. But the ecommerce giant's new policy is far from perfect.


Last year Amazon Prime Day raked in $6.93 billion worldwide from 124 million U.S. Prime users (up almost 11% from the previous year).


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Amazon want to help you prepare your business and with peak and the new post-Brexit customs border approaching wanted to give you the latest information on key FBA inventory dates to help you prepare for the upcoming changes.


Businesses from California, Florida, Texas, New York, and New Jersey represented nearly half of the 75,000 new Amazon sellers in the U.S. over the past twelve months.


The scheme involved approximately 318 unauthorized refunds for orders purchased through eight Amazon accounts belonging to Nguyen and others.


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Tips and Tricks

Let’s explore what the Amazon Vine program is, its pros and cons, how to enroll, and whether the Amazon seller community believes it’s worth joining.


Happily, for small business owners still hoping to get in on the action next, Amazon spokespersons offer the following hints and tips.


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While the e-commerce giant has been taking steps towards curbing this problem for online brand protection, consumers too need to learn how to identify and eliminate counterfeits on Amazon.


Spoiler alert: reviews are incredibly important to a product’s success. 75% of U.S. consumers said that, when shopping online, they’re looking for the product with the best ratings and reviews.



Amazon/Ecom Attorney and 7 figure Amazon seller Jeff Schick proved that having multiple passions works well when you know how to put them together.