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#48 - Amazon Will Pay To Know Customers Shopping Habits

Amazon employee sorting boxes on the shelves of fulfilment center
In #48 issue of FBA Monthly, we uncover sales and seller's performance metrics from the first Prime Day in October, as well as key takeaways and strategic insights to inform the remainder of your holiday strategy.

Hot News

Amazon is inviting customers to participate in an Amazon Shopper Panel, a program where they can earn rewards by sharing receipts from purchases they've made outside of Amazon and responding to survey questions.


The number of sellers on Amazon didn’t accelerate, despite the sales boom during the pandemic - the pie has gotten bigger, but the competition remained practically the same.


Amazon held its annual Prime Day event nearly two weeks ago, but the company has not released overall sales. Nevertheless, analysts believe this year’s event saw sales rocket by 49 percent, hitting $10.6 billion.


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Good to Know

There's a new twist on the old Amazon review scam that relies on Facebook Groups to carry out the campaign.


During Prime Day, the third-party marketplace dropped from the typical 60% of GMV to less than 35% as Amazon’s first-party sales’ share grew to nearly 70% from just 40%.


Jungle Scout surveyed more than 1,000 Amazon sellers to understand why they got started, and received some inspiring responses.


Minor changes to the Seller Central dashboard are having major impacts on seller behavior, discouraging support requests and driving prices ever lower.


The ecommerce giant will no longer let you sell single-use plastic in certain regions where it operates.


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Why some retailers expected a bigger bump with the event moving closer to the holiday shopping season?


“Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) is Amazon’s official payment solution that allows you to receive disbursements in the currency of your choice,”.


Amazon will be allowed to skirt the U.K.’s new digital services tax on goods it directly sells to consumers but third-party businesses selling their products on the e-commerce platform will have to pay the levy.


The victim received a phone call saying someone had placed an order using her information on Amazon.


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Tips and Tricks

Keep on reading to learn more about how Amazon Attribution works, key reasons why you should be running external campaigns for your Amazon listings, and how to get set up with Attribution’s tracking tags.


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We’ll show you how to take advantage of popular seasonal items as well as sought-after holiday gifts that become hard to find as we draw closer to the end of the year.


Businesses can unlock the true potential of last-mile delivery solutions by ensuring that their customers can benefit from the warehouse’s fastest return.


Learn about the new features that come with Amazon Stores and how they can drive traffic, increase your conversions, and boost your brand.


Amazon is one of the most prominent sites that are used to sell books online, as many people search for How to upload a book on Amazon Because many products are difficult to obtain.



In this episode of Industry Focus: Tech, Dylan Lewis and Motley Fool contributor Brian Feroldi bring you the latest tech news roundup.


From this episode you will learn how to rank for competitive niche, and how to keep up and overtake the competition. Also, how to deal with paid links, negotiation and affiliate deals.