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#49 - Cyber Monday Marketing Tips, and much more

Hey FBA Monthly subscribers! We sincerely hope your Q4 is moving along as well as you hoped (or better!). Prime Day is in the bag, and we've got Black Friday/Cyber Monday to look forward to. We included in #49 issue essential news, Cyber Monday marketing tips, and much more! Have a good time!

Hot News

Few Swedish businesses - less than a hundred - have joined the marketplace, but more than forty thousand worldwide sellers were present at the launch.


In the wake of a $100 million Amazon bribery scandal, sellers say the tech giant deserves more scrutiny for suspending merchants with no warning and little explanation.


This year, Cyber Monday falls on Monday, November 30, and it’s a day that all ecommerce businesses need to prepare for. Here we’ve got a list of marketing tips that will help you make the most of this very busy and lucrative day.


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Good to Know

Amazon charges sellers for storing their inventory in its FBA fulfillment centers, but it would much rather have inventory sell quickly than sit on its shelves.


Amazon FBA Liquidations are a new way to recover value on eligible fulfillable and unfulfillable inventory and avoid paying Long-Term Storage Fees, disposing of inventory to landfill or, Amazon add, dealing with the hassle of inventory returned to you.


Amazon, it turns out, identifies and deletes fake reviews “at a very high rate,” the researchers say.


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As of the 1st of January, online marketplaces will be charged with collecting VAT for sales to the UK from overseas sellers.


The only way Amazon can handle the scale of activity on its marketplace is with automation. It would be a very different place without this immune system.


The lag between when Amazon gets paid by customers and when it has to pay its suppliers hit an all-time high of 35 days in the third quarter.


California’s pursuit of taxes from out-of-state sellers using third-party platforms like Fulfilled by Amazon has expanded from sales tax to income tax.


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A spike in sales from Amazon's core e-commerce operations, which include online stores, third-party seller services and retail subscription services has fueled its revenue growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


"All my life, I'd wake up at 5:30 a.m. and work 40, 50, 60 hours each week," Govani said. "That inventory was everything I had. Amazon ruined my life, and I did nothing wrong."


Amazon is cashing in on the pandemic, the company’s hourly workers and the small businesses that sell on its online marketplace are increasingly being hung out to dry.


Amazon’s latest expansion makes it clear where its limitations lie. Luxury Stores looks great and keeps out the riff raff, but it will never catch on.


According to Marketplace Pulse analysis of best-selling products in relevant categories, Nike products mostly lost their position.


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Tips and Tricks

For a brand new Amazon seller, navigating Seller Central and setting up your first FBA shipment can be a difficult task. I’ll go over every step of how to set your FBA shipment up correctly — using both old and new methods.


Amazon is shooting for net-zero emissions, and you can net some profit if you sell on Amazon. We’ll discuss the technicalities in a bit.


Amazon Specialists Ashley Cook and Lewis Jewsbury talk us through how to drive brand awareness by strategically using Amazon deals to boost sales for your product.


Amazon have updated their Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit help page with advice on EORI, UK/EU Inventory balancing, seller fulfilled orders, Brand Registry, EU returns and a ton of other useful information.


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There will always be people trying to rip off other brands products to make a profit, but luckily, Amazon is dedicated to putting necessary and proactive measures in place to combat this.


As an Amazon seller, you regularly need to adapt and find new ways to market and promote your products. Fortunately, Amazon frequently releases new features for sellers to leverage to gain visibility in front of hundreds of millions of shoppers.


Brands can enroll in Amazon Global Selling to make the process of selling internationally easier. What is this program and how does it help sellers?


Matt Harrison of FreeUp shares strategies for hiring a freelancer to help with your Amazon business tasks in this guest article.


If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to do your bit to maintain that trust. In return, you’ll find yourself flooded with positive feedback and kind words…or will you?



I explain the Amazon error codes 5661, 5664, and 5665 and describe how they impact the way you list your bundles. I define and differentiate ‘brand registry’ from ‘brand approval’ and emphasize why you need to start pursuing brand registry for your Amazon business.