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#50 - Massive Amazon Sellers Accounts Suspension

Hi, there! Thanks for checking out the #50 issue of FBA Monthly, we hope our news and tips can make your morning routine a little more enjoyable. In this issue, you will learn a new EU's investigation of Amazon, why 1.7 million sellers' accounts were suspended, and much more.

Hot News

With over 1.7 million sellers on Amazon, account suspensions are certainly not a unique occurrence.


Antitrust experts say Amazon may face harsher penalties in the EU, where regulators have taken a more aggressive stance against Big Tech.


It will walk you through everything you need to know from the basic implications of Brexit on your business to how to prepare for a customs border with tariffs and VAT.


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Good to Know

Amazon announced a lawsuit against more than a dozen bad actors, including online influencers and other businesses, who attempted to evade Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting measures by promoting luxury counterfeit products on social media sites.


Are you of the opinion that legalities, language barriers, currency issues and differing marketplace rules and regulations make selling internationally too challenging?


Amazon’s “other” category—which mostly consists of advertising revenue, according to Amazon—was $5.40 billion in Q3 2020, a 50.5% increase year over year.


New and innovative way! All done via SMS. Ask customers to text in their orders to trigger SMS funnels. Reviews via MMS photos are automatically detected.

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A Florida woman was arrested on a charge of Grand Theft after allegedly collecting $165,000 in fraudulent shipping charge reimbursements from Amazon.


Amazon issued new guidance to help sellers address product condition issues, but some sellers responded by offering their own guidance to Amazon.


When FedEx Ground and its FedEx Home Delivery service can’t meet the two-day delivery commitment for “Seller Fulfilled Prime” orders, it won’t be available as a shipping option, Amazon told sellers in an email.


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In one case, a seller charged Amazon shoppers $79.99 to $129.99 for 2-liter bottles of Purell, which are typically priced between $20.87 to $35.00.


Popular products on Amazon have significantly increased the number of reviews and raised the overall star rating since the company introduced one-tap ratings last year.


It’s a way for Amazon to incentivize gig drivers who often deliver for multiple services like Uber, Lyft, Shipt, Postmates and others, to grab more of its jobs during the busiest time of year.


Amazon beats out other retailers on price 15% of the time. Many shoppers are more concerned about online availability and assortment.


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Tips and Tricks

When it comes to choosing the most profitable products to sell online, you want to find products that fit your website’s niche, are easy to sell, have existing demand, and represent a market that you can easily access.


How to stand out amongst the competition? How to get in front of the right eyeballs, and convert to purchases?


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Want to reach a wider audience for your product listings? The key is to diversify your sales channels.


Unfortunately, if you are one of the many not using Amazon Performance Metrics, you are missing out on crucial information.



In this episode, I share tips and advice on how you can best prepare for the big Black Friday weekend. I discuss why you need to consider arranging your Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant templates and set up expedited shipping for your customers.