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#51 - 2021 Amazon Trends and Predictions

Amazon employee scanning boxes on the conveyor tape of the fulfillment center
Good day readers! Perhaps, the most tumultuous year for online and retail sales soon coming to a close. What are you doing to optimize your strategy and enhance your e-commerce capabilities for 2021? In the #51 issue of FBA Monthly, you will find tips and predictions to help your business next year. Enjoy your reading!

Hot News

In our latest report, we have compiled the top Amazon and e-marketplace trends and happenings of 2020 as well as our 2021 predictions for you to keep in mind as you map your strategy for the active year ahead.


Many sellers voiced their dissatisfaction with Amazon's enforcement of pricing policies, including its Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy and the Featured Offer price.


The festive season will shortly be upon us and with that comes plenty of Christmas shopping! Let’s take a look at how you can maximise your sales on Amazon this Christmas.


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Good to Know

Sellers know the conventional wisdom about what motivates customers to leave reviews: they either love or hate the product enough to take the time to write about it. But the full story is often much more complex.


Amazon made what seemed like an innocuous announcement about the addition of over 100 new product types and attributes now available to sellers to improve product detail pages.


Nearly $1 billion in fresh capital has been committed in 2020 to firms looking to acquire Amazon sellers and brands.


A pair of business partners who sold home goods through Amazon face federal charges in a scam that cost the United States Postal Service $6 million in reduced shipping fees, U.S. attorneys allege.


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Amazon sellers say products that normally take one or two days to arrive at customers’ addresses are suddenly taking a week or longer as the holiday shopping season gets going in earnest.


As Amazon boosts its connected TV content, audience and ad inventory, industry experts say its built-in base of brands selling on its platform will help propel growth even more.


Amazon merchants were hit with a raft of Seller Central and Marketplace Web Services glitches. Amazon say that these issues have now been fixed.


Over 7,500 European businesses surpassed $1 million in sales on Amazon in 2019, according to Amazon’s press release.


Amazon has prevailed in a lawsuit claiming it secretly poached eBay sellers. The complaints alleged that Amazon employees signed up for eBay accounts under false pretenses, then lured eBay merchants to their platform.


Intellectual Property Accelerator launched in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, making it easier and more cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses to obtain trademarks, protect their brands and tackle counterfeit goods.


In March 2018, the New York magazine’s product recommendation site, the Strategist, wrote an article calling the Orolay down jacket the Amazon Coat, after it became a small, but growing, trend on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


A recent survey by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights asked 1,000 online consumers why they shop on Amazon. 51% of respondents said they have Prime and get free shipping.


Amazon alone now attracts roughly one quarter of all dollars spent online by U.S. shoppers. Unfortunately, as more shopping moves online, fraud is exploding, too.


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Tips and Tricks

Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative business once you get your strategy right, but being a third-party (3P) seller isn’t the only way you can run a successful ecommerce business.


Counterfeiting is a serious issue and something that Amazon does not take lightly. Brand owners need to take every measure to ensure that your products and brand are protected from counterfeiters.


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Reviews are essential for marketing your products on Amazon. Here's what you need to know when creating your Amazon product review strategy.


Before building an Amazon.com keyword strategy, SEO experts advise marketers to remember that Amazon is a search engine housed in a marketplace.


Through our research, we discovered a large and thriving market for fake reviews. One of the most common mechanisms we found for procuring these reviews was via private Facebook groups.



How can we arm the “rebel force” or smaller merchants with the similar AI and data sets that Amazon has? In this episode, Jake Cook, co-owner of Tadpull.com, explains this and more.