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#52 - Marketplaces Year in Review 2020, and more

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well! With nearly the entire holiday shopping season occurring online, how has the e-commerce sales curve changed from years past? In the #52 issue of FBA Monthly, we will look at 2020 and compare it with 2019. Enjoy your reading!

Hot News

In aggregate, it was the most successful year for sellers and brands that transact through them, too. The Year in Review looks at the state of marketplaces and describes the most important trends.


What will next year bring for Amazon? With the company's foundations stronger than ever, what investments could they make to consolidate their position and future-proof their business model?


As small businesses closed and layoffs hit, Amazon expanded its power — despite a string of crises and worker uprisings.


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Good to Know

Amazon in August instituted limits on product shipments from third-party sellers who use its U.S. warehouses in an effort to make sure it had enough space to store all their goods for the holidays.


The elasticity of FBA broke first in March when the company started prioritizing the stocking of household staples and medical supplies.


Not only are online orders arriving late, but sellers report scanning has become erratic. Some are begging marketplaces to advertise more realistic delivery dates, but one reader says not so fast!


Investigations by feds and two states continue as European Union levies charges and continues a second inquiry into e-commerce powerhouse.


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A federal appeals court asked Texas' highest court to decide whether Amazon.com Inc can be held liable under the state's law for a defective product listed by a third-party seller on its website in one of a series of similar cases against the e-commerce giant around the country.


The FDA issued a warning on Thursday advising consumers not to use nearly 50 dietary supplements it purchased on eBay and Amazon.


Mark Daoust is founder and CEO of Quiet Light Brokerage, which acts as an intermediary between Amazon sellers and acquirers. He says, “Investors are hungry for deal flow. We are at the beginning of a massive wealth transfer.”


With record online sales, online sellers should prepare for record returns, and Amazon knows this better than anyone.


If you’re wondering what your post Brexit Amazon FBA inventory storage limits will be, the good news is that you’ll have a UK and an EU allowance.


Amazon provided an update today on how it handles inbound that shipments that have not been received in full.


Amazon has expanded the number of states for which it collects sales tax, it announced this week, adding an additional 11 states and Puerto Rico.


Amazon shoppers should be on their guard when buying presents this Christmas, with third-party sellers pricing up very ordinary CDs for thousands of dollars.


Tips and Tricks

As an Amazon seller, you can create that kind of convenience for your customers. Here’s an example of what a product bundle could look like on Amazon.


Amazon keeps adding new options and methods for refining campaigns, which can be used to adjust your structure in more profitable ways.


Effective reporting is essential for improving your campaign activity and being able to plan ahead but, with a wealth of reports available for Amazon, it’s difficult to know which insights you need.


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With Facebook and Instagram’s combined 3.7 billion monthly active users, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to market to this massive audience.


Amazon’s new A10 search algorithm ranks organic results, in part, on the “health” of a brand. In this post, I’ll address the Amazon Brand Health initiative, its key metrics, and its effects on marketplace sellers.


Amazon are going to try and assist you by transferring your EU Trademarks to UK Trademarks where they can.


While Amazon hosts listings for some of the world’s best-selling products made by the largest global brands, smaller brands thrive on the platform, too. Here are some of the biggest contributors to their success.



In today’s special episode of the GeekWire podcast, we take a close look at Amazon and hear from former Amazon executives, leading third-party sellers and competitors who are trying to survive in the shadows of the world’s most powerful retailer.