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#53 - What To Sell On Amazon In 2021 - Complete Guide

Hope everyone had some fun socially distanced New Year event. In our first issue in 2021, we cover only essential news from the Amazon space. Have a good time reading #53 issue of FBA Monthly.

Hot News

Below I’ve outlined the products that sold well for me in the past, along with the guidelines that I use when choosing new products to sell. Now let’s take a look at my complete guide of how and what to sell on Amazon.


For concerned customers, avoiding one of the world’s largest retailers and web service providers is proving harder than expected.


A law firm that represents Amazon sellers, reported in a video that there has been an explosion in the fourth quarter of the year of Amazon sellers getting suspended for having more than one account open or having related accounts.


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Good to Know

These acquiring companies aim to put resources behind those brands, increasing their sales and profits. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs who have built these small brands can cash out at attractive prices.


Amazon told sellers it's postponing its annual seller fulfillment fee changes until June 1, 2021, giving sellers some breathing room at a hectic period in the middle of a pandemic.


This holiday season was their best-ever on its site, Amazon said. Globally their sales grew more than 50% compared to the same period in 2019.


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The limits restrict most sellers to keeping either 200 units or roughly one to three months of product on hand at Amazon warehouses.


Amazon’s new requirements, which are required for each separate dietary supplement listed on Amazon, can be found here.


Amazon lowered one of its performance metrics for sellers who use its FBA fulfillment service, but some sellers were puzzled over basic elements of the announcement and some also debated how fair those metrics were.


Independent merchants in Amazon’s vast marketplace will achieve over $ 200 billion in sales this year, analysts predict, and tens of thousands of them have incomes of more than a million dollars a year, according to industry experts.


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Fulfillment centers are full to bursting and Amazon has been ramping up storage limits to try and get the problem under control. Sellers are suffering.


Many sellers are concerned about how marketplaces are handling Item Not Received (INR) claims from buyers caused by late deliveries due to the holiday-shipping logjam.


"There will now be millions of consumers retuning products, which sellers will need to address, no questions asked. We are urging them to process these returns as quickly as possible," said CJ Rosenbaum.


The WSJ story is a well-reported and accessibly explained highlight reel of Amazon’s more damning offenses, from its recent cloning of Silicon Valley darling Allbirds’ signature running shoe to the age-old and cutthroat tactics it deployed to dethrone Diapers.com owner Quidsi.


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Tips and Tricks

In the world of online business, particularly Ecommerce and a large online platform like Amazon, your product listing page and its success depends on a strong Amazon Product Keyword Strategy.


SEO for Amazon sellers can boost your sales overnight and have made some multi-millionaires. Let's jump headfirst into learning how to optimize your products for the Amazon search engine.


There’s no better time to focus on the future with a positive outlook and a plan for productivity than right now—that’s why we’re bringing you our 2021 New Year’s Roundup.


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Today we’ll discuss a little thing called liability – something Amazon’s been blissfully unbothered with for years. But all that’s about to change.


Having sourced products using all 3 methods above for my 7 figure ecommerce store, here’s my take on the best way to find wholesale suppliers for your online business.


The online retail behemoth has provided more opportunities for sellers and buyers to get the best deals and services at both ends of the spectrum.



In this episode, we uncover all the objections and encourage you further on your journey of creating a super successful Amazon FBA business!


Do you go to Shopify, Amazon, Facebook or Etsy? I spoke with Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst with Forrester. She says the options can be overwhelming. The following is an edited transcript of our conversation.