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#55 - Amazon Policy updates, and much more

Hi everyone! As we dive into 2021, here are some recent news and important updates in the Amazon space. We hope it will be a great year, and we look forward to sharing with you insights and sales strategies. Have a good time!

Hot News

If you fulfill orders using a third party, a practice known as drop shipping, you must follow all Amazon policies in order to ensure a consistent customer experience that easily identifies only you as the seller of record.


A toy company finds that selling goods on Amazon is both key to its success and super fraught.


Only 10% of the top third-party sellers on Amazon have more than 1,000 products for sale. Five years ago, in 2016, that number was nearly 40%.


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Good to Know

As announced previously, we have postponed our annual fee adjustments until June 1, 2021.


Amazon launched new product types and attributes this month. Sellers can update their listings in bulk, but Amazon noted the changes would not affect sellers’ existing selection.


China-based sellers represented 75% of new sellers on Amazon in January. A significant increase from 47% in the previous year.


Many entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. On the one hand, Amazon’s success has contributed to the transformation of the retail industry, making it increasingly challenging for small business retailers to compete.


2D box content barcodes can minimize the number of times you touch each item and box, minimize packing errors and eliminate manual SellerCentral forms.

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A prudent Amazon seller must be aware of the potential costs associated with opting into the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) services that Amazon extends to third-party Amazon sellers.


The Texas Supreme Court is set to determine whether Amazon can be considered a “seller,” and thus held liable, for a defective product sold through its website.


The legislation would force companies operating third-party marketplaces online to verify the identity of “high-volume” sellers on their platforms, meaning those making 200 or more sales totaling at least $5,000 in one year.


The key lesson traditional merchants must learn is that “retail’s competition is the marketplace, not other category competitors,” Webster wrote.


Amazon is making significant investments in our fulfilment and transportation capabilities to make Prime faster. As we continue to make Amazon Prime better for customers, we want to continue improving Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) as well.


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In the latest move, a startup out of Germany called the Berlin Brands Group has announced that it plans to invest €250 million (about $302 million at today’s rates) to buy up smaller companies and bring them into its fold.


Amazon's ad business might've been overshadowed in 2020 amid the boom in e-commerce that occurred as consumers stayed home and did more shopping online.


Amazon is expanding a program that motivates sellers to list products that are new to its FBA fulfillment program to increase selection on its marketplace.


Amazon’s last retail innovation came in 2005 when it introduced the Prime membership. Since then, it has announced hundreds of new offerings and experiments, but the core commerce experience remains virtually unchanged.


Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLP (CIRP) data shows that as of Dec. 31, 2020, more than half of Amazon.com Inc. -0.97% Prime members (52%) had an annual membership, up from 49% just three months earlier.


Tips and Tricks

Every seller’s goal on Amazon is to make as many sales as possible. There are so many factors that influence a customer to purchase your product...


What follows is a summary of demographic and psychographic data about sellers based on interviews in late 2019 with 1,046 experienced Amazon sellers worldwide.


In the past year many online merchants and retailers have experienced a dramatic uptick in sales as global lockdowns and a surge in remote working kickstarted an online shopping boom.


With this resource, you’ll know months in advance all the key FBA holiday selling dates to help you decide when you should prepare for certain holidays, seasons, and Amazon deadlines.


Whether you're interested in selling products on Amazon as an additional stream of income or have struggled to stay afloat, let these seven tips aid you in your journey to success with Amazon.


Ever wonder if there was a way to retarget Amazon visitors to your listing? With Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, you can.



Today, I discuss the ups and downs of private labeling on Amazon. I define what private labeling is, differentiate it from “white” labeling, and explain whether it’s really the Holy Grail of Amazon.