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#56 - Amazon Warns Sellers about New Policy, and more

The computer screen shows the warehouse software of the Amazon fulfillment center
We hope 2021 is going great for you so far! Have you heard the latest news!? Updates in Amazon Policy, financial results, CEO transition, and much more. The #56 issue is full of essential information and handy tips. Enjoy reading!

Hot News

If you sell any type of electronics, including home electronics, Amazon has a warning for you.


The total gross merchandise volume (GMV), including sales by Amazon itself and by the marketplace, was almost $490 billion, according to Marketplace Pulse estimates based on Amazon disclosures.


The tax is aimed at tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon, and would range from 2.5% to 10% of ad revenue, depending on the company’s size.


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Good to Know

Popular products on Amazon have exploded in the number of reviews, thus changing their perceived value after the company introduced one-tap ratings in late 2019.


Amazon and Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo filed two joint lawsuits against four sellers and three businesses for allegedly advertising and facilitating the sale of counterfeit goods.


Amazon sellers know just the thing: graphic tees, pins, hats, and masks bearing the simple phrase, “I’m vaccinated.”


Some of the biggest names on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley — JPMorgan Chase, Advent International, Khosla Ventures among them — are pumping billions of dollars into mom-and-pops selling everything from tea kettles to jock itch remedies on Amazon.com.


Net product retail sales made up over half of that total, or $215.9 billion, with service sales making up the rest, $170.2 billion.


This year, Amazon held onto their 7th position by the slimmest of margins – .005. A highly competitive marketplace, Amazon can deliver on eyeballs, but profits remain elusive for some sellers.


Democrats on the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust identified forced arbitration clauses as one aspect harming competition in digital markets in a report last fall.


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Amazon have announced that they have now launched label and prep services for inventory enrolled in FBA Small and Light in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


Most brands aspire to be Apple or Nike, but on Amazon, they are closer to AmazonBasics. That is, shoppers buy their products when searching using unbranded search terms.


Company to recruit hundreds to start trucking companies and drive only for Amazon, say consultant and publication The Information.


Amazon.com today announced financial results for its fourth quarter ended December 31, 2020.


There’s been a profusion of startups emerging in the last year around the concept of rolling up smaller e-commerce businesses — operations that mainly sell and distribute their products on marketplace platforms like Amazon’s — using economies of scale to bring them together to run and grow them more efficiently.


Tips and Tricks

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly Sponsored Brand Ads are, how they work, and how to set them up.


Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products to their customers without ever having to stock inventory themselves. In this growing niche, the retailer is a middleman between buyer and supplier.



Jim who’s been in the business of inventing and being one of the sharks of Shark Tanks reality show, hear him what you need to know to turn your invention into a real business.