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#57 - Wall Street Hunts for Amazon sellers, and more

An employee taking an item from the shelf in the Amazon fulfillment center
While February is short, it has all the potential for being a great month for Amazon Sellers. #57 issue of FBA Monthly update is filled with excitement: new features and requirements from Amazon, Wall Street hunt for Amazon sellers, and much more interesting topics and useful tips. Enjoy!

Hot News

“At Amazon.com, we use recommendation algorithms to personalize the online store for each customer. The store radically changes based on customer interests, showing programming titles to a software engineer and baby toys to a new mother,” read the 2003 paper.


In roughly 2,000 words, Amazon shared an awful lot of data, but not much information about its business, processes or financial results, proving Robin Gaster Ph.D.’s contention that Amazon is one of the most secretive companies in the world.


Some of the biggest names on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley — JPMorgan Chase, Advent International, Khosla Ventures among them — are pumping billions of dollars into mom-and-pops selling everything from tea kettles to jock itch remedies on Amazon.com.


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Good to Know

Amazon requires sellers to add the shipping-carrier name when confirming shipment through the Manage Orders page on Seller Central.


The 2021 report, "Brands, Amazon, and the Rise of E-Marketplaces,” documents brands’ advertising and media strategies, plans for expansion, the pandemic’s impact on their businesses, as well as specific areas of challenges and opportunities.


A New York man found about 20 Amazon packages on the side of the road, and the Internet was abuzz about how Amazon handled it when he notified them.


When you sell on Amazon FBA there is a great option available for you to recover funds back from Amazon by auditing your FBA transactions for discrepancies.


Posing as an Amazon seller, a UK consumer group dug into the shady marketplace where fake reviews are sold in bulk by companies promising sellers a quick rise to the top of Amazon's charts.


Amazon posted a banner on its site this week (in at least some areas it read, “Extended delivery time due to weather in your area”).


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Amazon is deleting listings in the Toys & Games categories and is displaying its classic error page that shows dogs with the message, "UH-Oh. Something went wrong on our end" when sellers try to access them.


In our conversation, we discussed emerging trends including ecommerce expansion, pickup and delivery and other operational changes that we can expect in the months to come.


Shopify and Amazon are likely looking to leverage the recent online shopping surge—though it's unclear how long both firms will benefit from pandemic-driven ecommerce growth.


Amazon kicked off the feature by taking questions about its policy on pesticides, an area that has confounded many sellers for quite some time.


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Tips and Tricks

Amazon continues to invest in new tools, features, and programs that benefit the growth of small businesses on Amazon—especially those operated by brand-registered sellers.


This post is all about Amazon seller feedback: what it is, why it’s so important, how to deal with negative feedback, and how to improve your rating.


What’s more likely to grab a customer’s attention—a video, an image, or a chunk of text? Probably the video, right? Brand-registered Amazon sellers can put this principle in action with Sponsored Brands Video ads.


Many know Amazon as the retail giant that seems to sell everything. Here are some of the ways one can utilize Amazon to earn cash


You shouldn’t be paying for Amazon’s mistakes. Here’s how to check if you are paying more FBA fees you need to, and get the refunds you are owed.


No matter whether you’re launching your first private label product, reselling wholesale products, or you own a large brand, it’s imperative that you have an Amazon advertising strategy in place.



“When he brought it up, I’m like, this is a joke,” Boyce recalls. “Shopify doesn’t have a front door. They’re not a marketplace. They have a small percentage of the total online market.”


On this episode, we weigh all the factors with the help of François Jaffres, director of business development with Noviland Inc., provider of a global sourcing and purchasing platform.