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#58 - Amazon Will Dispose ‘Unsuitable’ Goods, and more

Employee in blue t-shirt with Amazon logo sorting yellow boxes on fulfilment center conveyor tape.
March means it's time to wake up from hibernation! If you want to know about new Amazon quality requirements or hook up some business ideas for 2021 - you should read further. In the #58 issue of FBA Monthly, we compiled for you only essential news and tips from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Hot News

The number of people served as consumers, businesses reaching those consumers, jobs created, and vendors supporting them makes marketplaces behave like economies.


“Under the new policy, if we suspect that you may have been engaged in the sale of counterfeit products or other illegal goods, we may require additional information about the affected Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory,” Amazon wrote.


According to Google Trends, online interest in “side hustle” has grown steadily since 2016—and reached an all-time high as 2020 drew to a close.


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Good to Know

More than a decade after it started selling groceries, Amazon has a tiny sliver of the $900 billion U.S. grocery market and has watched traditional chains finally start figuring out how to sell food online.


The business incentives for Amazon to expand its logistics operations are clear. But one also has to question possible ulterior motives behind its massive spread in this space.


Amazon announced a new option for handling returns, but it was greeted with questions and a dose of dismay from sellers.


Social commerce is at its infancy in the US, but it is starting to drive sales invisibly on the surface. The hashtag #amazon has a total of ten billion views on TikTok.


Merchants worry that the Kentucky probe and others have made them "scapegoats" for ills better attributed to Amazon rather than the small businesses that make up many of its sellers.


At last it seems that Amazon has begun to listen to the consistent requests to drive greater accountability and responsibility for the dietary supplement industry.


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eceive a 48 or 72 hour warning needing response? Dealing with an account or asin suspension?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every person and almost every business on the planet, but it has been especially impactful for businesses in the e-commerce space.


It comes as lawmakers continue to scrutinize Amazon’s treatment of third-party sellers on its fast-growing marketplace.


For many small and mid-sized sellers, a third option has arisen, embodied by the rising star of ecommerce, Shopify...


“So we are looking for companies that attract consumers that value something that's of high quality, that focus on sustainability, that are ultimately healthy, and use clean ingredients and clean production methods,” Kratz said.


An online merchant spent 18 months and $200,000 in legal fees fighting Amazon.com after it booted him off the shopping platform and seized his inventory.


Company states policy in response to inquiry by several Republican senators over recent removal of book by conservative author.


The flourishing of the e-commerce sector has boosted the revenue of third-party sellers on Amazon's platform and generated an enormous wave of mergers and acquisitions.


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Tips and Tricks

We’ll go over how to launch an ecommerce business in four detailed steps, plus how to plan for future growth—even if you have zero startup funds.


Yoni Mazor, COO & Co-Founder of GETIDA, shares a ton of tips including just about everything from making full use of Amazon promotions available in 2021 to using clever product design and packaging, monitoring when and why Amazon alters your FBA charges and how to reclaim fees going back as far as 18 months.


If you want to improve your ranking on Amazon, it is important to understand how A9 works. Here are the top 4 ways Amazon sellers can keep up with the algorithm changes.


How can you take advantage of this upward trend? By learning our expert tips for selling groceries on Amazon!


Amazon’s scheme to help startups launch their products on the marketplace has some great benefits, but is it worth the extra fees and loss of control?


In this post, we will go over what an Amazon FBA consultant or freelancer is, what they can help you with, and how to vet and hire someone.



The CEO and co-founder of Allbirds took to Medium to address Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for a “strikingly similar” wool sneaker product being sold on Amazon under the name Amazon 206 Collective.