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#59 - Amazon Policy Clarifications, Prime Day 2021

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Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to refresh your marketing strategy. Join us in the journey to most interesting topics for Amazon Sellers. Check out featured publications and stories, trending now in Amazon space. #59 issue of FBA Monthly is here! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

Amazon made changes to its policy around returns that, as we noted at the time, resulted in questions and dismay from sellers, with over 200 comments underneath the Announcement board post in just 9 hours.


Workers who are flagged by an algorithm for possible firing if they lag in productivity. Massive tax breaks to attract enormous data centers supplied by power lines paid for by ordinary families.


Amazon began informing sellers about Prime Day last week, including a post on the Amazon UK Seller Central board.


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Good to Know

Amazon Business, a business-to-business marketplace, has surpassed $25 billion in annualized sales five years since launching. It is growing faster than its consumer marketplace, too.


As we look ahead into 2021 and beyond, here is what will take place in the Amazon e-commerce ecosystem that brands need to know.


This month, Amazon officially closed the doors on its Early Reviewer Program, a move that was both unexpected and bemoaned by merchants who relied on the program to boost reviews of newer products.


Amazon announced an exclusive 10-year deal with the NFL, an expansion of its current relationship with the football league, but it spells bad news for sellers.


The new suit is filed on behalf of an independent Chicago bookstore, but seeks to include any book seller who has purchased works from Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster from March 2017 onward.


The relatively unknown brands that hawk products on Amazon’s Marketplace platform now make up the majority of the company’s online retail sales, across categories as disparate as pet products and USB cables and foam head pillows.


Amazon is adding seven to eight hundred thousand new sellers every year when accounted for duplicate seller accounts.


GOOGLE tried to copy Amazon's playbook to become the shopping hub of the Internet, with little success. Now it is trying something different: the anti-Amazon strategy.


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Amazon has agreed to pay $2 million in penalties and restitution after settling a lawsuit with San Diego County and five other California counties over potentially misleading price listings on its website, it was announced Thursday.


Amazon announced it plans to cancel its Early Reviewer program as of April 25, and won’t be taking any new applications as of April 10, as it has found other programs more effective in generating customer reviews, upsetting sellers who had found success with it.


Amazon.com Inc. is set to tell the Texas Supreme Court Thursday that it’s not—and shouldn’t be—liable under state law for a toddler’s battery-ingestion injury, allegedly stemming from a product bought on the company’s web marketplace.


What’s the appeal of the Amazon market to investors and why might a successful founder be interested in a buyout offer?


The education disparity between the two generations may explain why Gen Zers are more inclined to become entrepreneurs.


“When you’re really successful on Amazon, it might make up 95 percent of your net worth,” he stated. “You’re in a place where it’s kind of hard to diversify, and then what if something goes wrong?”


By the end of 2021 Amazon Marketplace has the potential to have added around 1.4 million additional online businesses to the figure, according to projections created from the data.


“While this was only a modest increase of +15%, we believe that overall demand for apparel was stifled by the pandemic, and Amazon’s customers were more focused on ‘essential’ items and/or items that catered to the newfound work-from-home environment,” the Wells Fargo report said.


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Tips and Tricks

Do you offer multiple products in your Amazon catalog that complement each other? If you’re a brand owner on Amazon, you now have the opportunity to combine multiple FBA products under one listing offer—without having to package them together.


Don’t be the latest seller to get thrown off Amazon for abusing the product reviews system. Here’s how to get more reviews on Amazon safely.



“Marketplace Morning Report” host David Brancaccio spoke with two nomads — Rebecca Bailey and Hakam “Sal” Salahuddin, RV nomads and bloggers — about their experience with CamperForce and why the job is a “love-hate” relationship for them.


Pop Up Mākeke started as an online marketplace to help local vendors sell their products. Now, the overwhelming positive response and success has caught the eye of the shipping giant Amazon.