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#60 - Amazon's Private Labels, and Prime Day changes

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We hope April is going great for you so far! Have you heard the news!? Wondering why Investors are Racing to Buy Up Amazon’s Hottest Third-Party Sellers? Check out the #60 issue of FBA Monthly to not miss a thing. Enjoy!

Hot News

There’s one strand of criticism that fascinates me because it attacks Amazon for something that’s been part of retail for 150 years - the private label business.


Amazon warned: “Fix your product and provide the requested information immediately or your listings will be removed”.


Sellers on Amazon can no longer access their customer information like the full name and address, let alone contact them. On April 8th, Amazon removed customer details from the last report.


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Good to Know

In Amazon's most recent Prime Day — postponed to October 2020 due to the coronavirus — the significance of third-party sales shone through.


There’s been a lot of speculation about how Americans would spend, save, or invest this money, but it became apparent after the first couple of days, that many were taking their relief money to the same place: Amazon.


Moving Prime Day to make the financials look better would be a departure from Jeff Bezos's core philosophy at Amazon.


China-based sellers represented 75 percent of new sellers on Amazon in January, according to a report by Marketplace Pulse. This marks a significant increase from 47 percent in the previous year.


Merchant groups are forming a national coalition to campaign for stricter antitrust laws, including measures they hope could force Amazon.com Inc. to spin off some of its business lines.


Amazon is again turning to sellers to fill clearance shelves in its Amazon Outlet store, which it tags, “Overstock items at under-budget prices.”


According to analysis from parcel tracking platform Trackr, following a record-breaking 2020 that saw its annual revenue grow almost 38% to $386 billion, Amazon will continue to follow the same path and exceed $500 billion in revenue by the end of 2021.


There have been some important Amazon FBA April 2021 changes with both the FBA new selection and Heavy and Bulky programmes giving you new options for selling.


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With not a pan or pick in sight, fortunes are yet being made as an ever-increasing number of private equity investors flock to the ecommerce behemoth in search of what has become one of today’s richest commodities — successful Amazon third-party sellers.


Amazon extended its “first-scan” refund policy to more sellers, providing for a more consistent experience no matter from whom a buyer has purchased an item they wish to return.


Amazon.com was considering opening a clearance concept selling unsold inventory of home goods and electronics at steep discounts prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic.


In 2018, Amazon reported that users of the platform included 55 Fortune 100 companies, 40% of the most populous local governments, more than half of the 100 biggest hospital systems and 80% of the 100 largest enrollment education organizations.


Recent hearings painted Big Tech companies in a similar way — as the railroad tycoons of the digital age. “Amazon already owns the rails into 115 million households in America. Do we really want one company to be the arbiter of all commerce?” Scott Galloway said.


Amazon’s app is in the top 20 most-downloaded shopping apps on the iPhone app store in nearly thirty countries in Europe, despite having launched in only nine of them. Yet, it is a market leader in just a few.


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Tips and Tricks

Listing used products on Amazon is a great way to start selling for free and building up the cash flow you need to eventually invest in a private label product. Let’s go over the process for selling used items on Amazon!


Many Amazon sellers add inserts to their product packaging to build their brand or ask for reviews, but they often break Amazon’s policies.


Why is this mindset so important and most importantly why is it the most important factor for your Amazon Search engine optimization?


On popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, you can use unique branding to promote your entire product line within your profile, so customers can easily discover your brand all in one place. On Amazon, it’s not always that simple.



Even if the vote fails, it could inspire other Amazon warehouses around the U.S. to try to unionize.


Small Business Rising says Amazon’s size and market power effectively block small businesses from competing.