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#61 - Amazon vs. Shopify, and much more

Happy Monday, readers! It has been a huge two weeks in Amazon space! Dive in the #61 issue of FBA Monthly news, and find a ton of essential news and handy advice. Follow us on Twitter to not miss a thing!

Hot News

Firms acquiring successful brands on Amazon have attracted over $3.5 billion in capital over the past twelve months. $2.5 billion of that was raised in just the first four months of 2021.


Over the past two years, dozens of heavily-funded investment firms have formed with a singular purpose: Buying small companies that sell through Amazon.


Amazon is increasing seller fulfillment fees effective June 1, but sellers had some questions about the changes. In the announcement board post, Amazon responded to some of those questions.


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Good to Know

William Rivera is an example of one such entrepreneur who showed the world that e-commerce business doesn’t always require huge capital to earn huge revenue.


Firms acquiring successful brands on Amazon have attracted over $3.5 billion in capital over the past twelve months. $2.5 billion of that was raised in just the first four months of 2021.


Amazon already tightened the screws a bit on Feb. 1 when it required sellers to meet “delivery speed targets” for packages. As of June 1, those targets are getting even tighter.


Strong consumer demand, worldwide equipment shortages and insufficient staff to haul goods from U.S. ports are making it more expensive to ship products from Asia.


Between 2009 and 2014, Walmart’s (WMT.N) Marketplace business, where outside merchants hawk everything from baby blankets to power tools, counted no more than six sellers, and was described by one expert as “in limbo.”


Choosing an Amazon consultant to help you expand your brand is no easy task. So, we will break down why a consultant is important and what to look for.


In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of the FBA New Selection program, the requirements to become eligible, and how to enroll your products.


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It’s a major change from Amazon’s current policy, which is to limit the amount of interaction between customers and companies that sell on Amazon, outside of resolving things like returns or order issues.


Amazon Shipping are keen for you to use their service that they’re even touting the service as a stepping stone to achieving eBay Top-Rated Seller status and gaining the eBay Premium Service badge on your listings.


To make sense of all the different options available to help ecommerce sellers run their businesses smoothly and efficiently, we’ve rounded up the top options for each area of operations, from selling platforms to graphic design tools, and everything in-between.


Every retailer of every size, from neighborhood mom-and-pops to global chains, needs to strategize against Amazon’s potential threat to its market share.


Chanaratsopon is again following customers where they are shopping. This time, that place is a fabled online foe of brick-and-mortar retail.


Amazon announced a new policy requiring sellers to provide information about the melting temperature of heat-sensitive goods. But there's some confusion about whether all sellers will be required to indicate whether their items are heat sensitive or not.


The race is on for companies building e-commerce empires by rolling up smaller, promising businesses that sell via Amazon and other marketplaces and growing by using some economies of scale to operate them as one.


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Tips and Tricks

In this article, you’ll get to know what conversion rates are, how important it is to increase them, and how you can do so for little to no cost.


If you’re an existing Amazon seller outside of Canada, or you’re a Canadian resident looking to get started selling on Amazon, we’ll take you through the simple start-up process.


What can retailers and brands do to get customers to click on their product? How can they compete with others — or with Amazon itself — on price?


Have you taken an honest look at your listing? Do you have a strategy in place for your Amazon PPC campaigns?



Law professor Lina Khan has written about Amazon's potentially anti-competitive practices. She's being considered for a seat on the Federal Trade Commission.