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#63 - Is Selling on Amazon Still a Profitable Business?

Carton boxes with Amazon logo on the conveir tape in fulfillment center
Hi everyone! Check out the past two week's featured publications and stories trending now! In this issue, we have a great deal of exciting news and tips we want to loop you in on. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FBAmonthly for updates and announcements.

Hot News

Amazon has suspended over a dozen Chinese sellers for participating in fake review schemes. The list includes Mpow and Aukey, two of the biggest electronics Amazon-native brands out of China.


Many entrepreneurs have successfully started a business selling on Amazon. However, many have tried and failed. What is the difference between success and failure with an Amazon business?


How do you increase selection and lower cost for customers? If you’re Amazon, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the flow of goods from manufacturer to customer fast and efficient.


The Amazon Seller Dashboard
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The Amazon Seller Dashboard

Good to Know

When Amazon announced its first quarter results at the end of April, the numbers were impressive...


Amazon announced Monday it was simplifying the A-to-z Guarantee Claims experience and said it would help protect sellers' Order Defect Rate (ODR).


To accommodate the increased number of sellers using FBA in the early days of the global pandemic, Amazon FBA restock limits were imposed to help ensure that all sellers had space for their products.


Amazon sent an email to merchants this week with the subject line, "Facts and Myths about Free Shipping" to urge sellers to offer free shipping.


While the pandemic was bad for so many businesses in so many ways, there was a silver lining if you happened to be a small business selling on Amazon.


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I recently had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Jason Kwan (the Chairman and President of Pearl West Group) about his history as an entrepreneur, how he came to be successful, and what he finds to be the upcoming trends of M&A for smaller online businesses currently running remotely.


Amazon informed sellers they will no longer support HTML in product descriptions. It cited security concerns “as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices.”


FBA Small and Light requirements are aligning with standard FBA. The main change will be that you can no longer bundle items when shipping to Amazon, each item will require it’s own barcode.


Amazon currently has 5 million sellers spanning over 12 different marketplaces across the globe. So, every seller is trying to find new ways to optimize their business.


Rob Green, general manager, public sector, at Amazon Business, shares his insights on B2B digital commerce growth strategies.


The e-commerce industry lifted its stature to become the superhero of the moment and fulfill most of the needs of consumers. Here are some major trends in e-commerce.


Amazon updated its drop-shipping policy page, and as we noted at the time, it can irritate buyers if they feel they ordered something on one marketplace and ended up getting it from a seller on a different marketplace.


Acquco, which is focused on acquiring third-party sellers on Amazon, has closed a Series A funding round with $160 million.


Crunchbase.com reported in March that nine Amazon-focused marketplace aggregators have raised over $2.3 billion in funding, with most of that announced in the past eight months.


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Tips and Tricks

Open a successful FBA account and you can build the next multi-millionaire business on it! The only question is: How to not get your Amazon account suspended on your way to greatness.


We spoke directly to highly successful Amazon sellers to get their tips on how to transform your business, and identified common traits and behaviors of Amazon’s millionaire sellers to see what game-changing strategies our data reveals. Let’s dive in.


I received a parcel from Amazon, a website I haven’t used for years. Several emails confirmed an order of three items, announced two-step verification on my account and warned a sign-in from an iPhone in Illinois had been detected.


Amazon has carved out for itself a unique position as the leading online marketplace. With that success comes a great responsibility to help snuff out sales of counterfeit goods.


In this article, we’ll go over the customer interactions you may encounter as an Amazon seller, along with our best practices for converting customers into loyal fans of your brand.



The authenticity of some Amazon customer reviews is coming under new scrutiny after a data leak exposed unidentified sellers coordinating to pay customers for fraudulent reviews.