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#64 - Commerce Blitz Against Amazon, and more

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Hi everyone! With the right marketing and promotions, Prime Day can be a lucrative sales day for many Amazon sellers. Use this news and tips to make this a great Prime Day for your business and a special one for your customers. We are excited to present you the #64 issue of FBA Monthly news! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

Google is pushing further into e-commerce with new tools and partnerships with Shopify Inc., Square Inc. and others to gin up more shopping on the search giant’s web properties -- and very much not on Amazon.com Inc.


Amazon has expanded the list of countries accepted to register for selling on Amazon to 188 countries. The company added 85 new countries, mainly in Central Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa.


Despite the changes, Amazon said small and midsize businesses generated more than $3.5 billion during the Prime Day event, Amazon said, up 60% from the year prior. However, it didn’t disclose its total Prime Day figures.


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Good to Know

Since early May, product listings from some of the biggest Chinese electronic gadget vendors have vanished from Amazon’s online marketplace. The share of China-based sellers on Amazon’s US site has surged to 63 per cent this year.


“Anyone selling shoes, or cameras, or surfboards, or anything super big, they’re definitely getting absolutely smashed right now,” Rodriguez said.


The AG claims that Amazon’s third-party seller agreements increased the price of retail items across the entire online marketplace, ultimately harming both everyday consumers and third-party sellers.


Products on Amazon that feature faster estimated delivery times have a major advantage, since they are more likely to be the featured offer on product detail pages.


The lawsuit, filed in DC Superior Court, alleges that Amazon fixed prices on its massive online retail platform by blocking third-party sellers from selling their products for less elsewhere.


Everyone’s aware that the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has been a time of unprecedented growth for Amazon. Since the pandemic started in early 2020, Amazon’s profits have grown about 200% thanks to consumer wariness about visiting retail stores.


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Amazon has made dramatic changes to many sellers’ inventory storage limits, pulling the rug under the feet of merchants who’ve diligently stocked up for the big event.


Amazon informed sellers that, “From June 7 to 20, 2021, Amazon will offer customers the opportunity to earn a credit to spend on Prime Day 2021.


Amazon has quietly changed its terms of service to allow customers to file lawsuits after it received a deluge of arbitration demands, according to The Wall Street Journal.


An Increasing percentage of sales on the Amazon marketplace comes from sellers that have been on it for years. More than half, from those who joined in 2017 or earlier.


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Tips and Tricks

In this post, I want to review what Amazon hijackers do, how you can protect your listings, and how to take action should something happen.


An increasing percentage of sales on the Amazon marketplace comes from sellers that have been on it for years. More than half, from those who joined in 2017 or earlier.


Using your influence, you can get paid to promote products you think your audience will love — all without investing in inventory, creating product listings, or incurring upfront costs.


In this article, we’ll go over what exactly the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is, how it works, who is eligible, and how to set up a campaign.



Every business has the goal to achieve brand recognition with its target audience. This objective is built into the foundation of every marketing strategy and should always be at the forefront of every marketing team’s mind.