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#69 - The Biden Administration versus Amazon, and more

Shelves with packages in Amazon fulfilment center
Welcome to the 69th edition of FBA Monthly news! As always, welcome new subscribers, glad you’re with us. It has been an exciting two weeks in the Amazon space, and we are ready to share it with you. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter to not miss any updates.

Hot News

Amazon, will be the easiest target of the three platform behemoths. Third party sales account for 30% of Amazon’s retail sales so far this year. Third party sellers are independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, and refurbished items on the Amazon.com website.


The decision was made by an e-commerce giant after facing a lawsuit regarding personal injuries and property damages after using products purchased from the platform of the e-commerce giant.


Amazon announced new efforts that might be able to prevent some overstocked and returned items from becoming trash. It launched two new programs that are intended to make it easier for third-party retailers to sell returned goods and unsold inventory.


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Good to Know

Stranded inventory is an inventory at a fulfilment centre that does not have an active offer on Amazon. Inventory can become stranded because of a variety of reasons.


Online retailers that have opted to forge their own path to generate sales often wonder how they can compete with Amazon.


Based on Amazon’s latest earnings, he examines the eight challenges brands must navigate to succeed.


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Amazon enjoyed huge profits during the pandemic, as consumers scrambled to buy essentials and items to keep busy while staying home. The online retail juggernaut saw more orders and members as people jumped aboard the Prime bandwagon.


The Amazon Chinese seller VTR (Valid Tracking Rate) policy went into effect on the 9th of August 2021 for packages shipped directly to customers from China.


The move to block Chinese sellers by US-based e-commerce giant Amazon may speed up the pace for the Chinese companies to develop more direct selling channels and construct their own platforms, online vendors said.


The Front Door Collective is a new national delivery player launched by more than 100 Amazon delivery companies.


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Berlin-based start-up SellerX has raised €100 million ($117 million) in funding, led by LVMH-backed investment firm L Catterton, to buy brands sold via Amazon.com Inc. and Shopify Inc.


Amazon told the WSJ it does not share customer email addresses with third-party sellers, and that it removed some 200 million fake reviews last year alone.


Chinese merchants are seeking alternative online retail marketplaces to reach overseas consumers amid Amazon’s crackdown on platform violations.


The forecast: In 2021, Amazon will account for 41.4% of all US retail ecommerce sales. The tech giant will contribute more than 50% of US growth in online sales from 2019 to 2021.


Some of those customers he thanked, however, saw the jaunt to space as a good sign to quit paying $120 annually for Amazon's wildly popular Prime subscription service.


The service, which the retailer has been working to make same-day delivery even faster over the past year, now offers consumers in a number of markets the ability to shop up to 3 million items on Amazon.com, then receive their orders in only a few hours.


Tips and Tricks

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On today's episode, we discuss Amazon's Q2 performance of its retail business, some takeaways from its Prime offering, and where it stands on its physical stores strategy.


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