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#68 - Black Hats Attack, 2Q 2021 Results, and more

Employee sorting carton boxes on conveyor tape in Amazon fulfillment center
Hi everyone! #68 issue of FBA Monthly is here! Check out these two week's featured publications and stories, trending now in Amazon space. We choose only essential news for Amazon Sellers. Follow us on Twitter to not miss a thing. Have a good read!

Hot News

Sabotage is running wild on Amazon, with hundreds of agencies offering services to help sellers attack their competitors. Here’s how to fight back.


The list of best-sellers on Amazon is different day-to-day. And it’s not new trends replacing old ones. Instead, it is brands that didn’t exist just recently pushing out other short-lived brands.


Amazon net sales increased 27% to $113.1 billion in the second quarter, year-over-year, and 24% excluding the $2.5 billion favorable impact from year-over-year changes in foreign exchange rates.


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Good to Know

New research finds that the pandemic did not change specific shopping behaviors for Amazon customers, whether they were Prime members or not.


The “Made in China” label tends to scare off foreign consumers, while the “Chinese stole our jobs” thesis wins over local sellers.


As you know, there are a bunch of different benefits tied to Amazon Prime. It’s good for more than just fast shipping and streaming movies, after all.


Featured in CNBC, Acquco, an acquisition company for Amazon FBA brands, is offering to buy you a customizable Tesla for any brand that you refer and they acquire!
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Most people are fans of the convenience Amazon brings to online shopping, and that’s precisely what cybercriminals are betting on.


The suit claims that Amazon is violating tying laws under the Sherman Act by forcing sellers on its platform to use its fulfillment services, as opposed to its competitors’ such as FedEx and UPS, by only showing shoppers these products on its website.


Amazon notified sellers of a “new feature” called 1-Day Default Handling time: “Now, with 1-click you can set your Default Handling time to 1 day! Customers will see shorter delivery promises and will be more likely to buy your products.”


When Amazon started cracking down on mobile electronics companies with shady reviewer programs, Aukey and Mpow were the first to get whacked — and yet Aukey is still selling.


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Direct retail sales are poised to represent less than half of Amazon’s business for the first time in its history — a fundamental shift that reflects the e-commerce giant’s expansion beyond its roots as an online store.


Amazon is more than just the "everything store." It's become something of an "everything company" that touches nearly every corner of our lives and the economy.


The five-most valuable U.S. tech companies all reported earnings this week, and Amazon was the only one to deliver disappointing results.


Amazon’s review model has been through many upgrades and bolt-ons. It was once easy for sellers to buy reviews and entice customers to leave 5-star feedback, but no more.


Amazon advised sellers to use seals on products in its Consumables product group, but sellers said the real problem stems from warehouse workers.


According to court documents filed in Knoxville, David Camp was charged with conspiring with others to fix prices of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs sold through Amazon Marketplace.


Amazon’s retail sales are down to only 50% of the company’s total revenue. It now generates nearly as much revenue from its services businesses like AWS cloud hosting, Prime memberships, the third-party marketplace, and advertising.


Amazon’s newly released shopping data shows Americans are embracing a more social 2021—but they’re not giving up their sweatpants.


Tips and Tricks

Let’s examine the details about what consumers expect in terms of shipping, the impact these conditions have on ecommerce sellers, brands, and platforms — including giants like Amazon and Walmart — and how sellers can fulfill these expectations.


Amazon contains a whole raft of data nuggets for both Amazon sellers and vendors to use and learn from in making decisions for their overall online ecommerce businesses.


There is still competition on Amazon, and therefore you need to stand out from other sellers. To do this, you can consider getting some of the sellers’ tools highlighted in this article.


To estimate profitability, each seller needs to factor in expenses such as unit costs, Amazon FBA fees, and shipping costs — but what about the costs to run PPC ads?



To sell or not to sell, many Amazon sellers find themselves wondering what’s next after achieving e-commerce success. Here’s what you need to know.


Jennifer talks about how she has built a Print on Demand business from following the Low Hanging System training to be on track for 7 figures in sales this year.


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