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#67 - New Online Sales Tax Explained, and more

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Hi everyone! With this great #67 FBA Monthly news issue, we hope to provide even more insight and help for the things from Amazon space you truly need and want to know. Also, follow us on Twitter to not miss a thing! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

While 1% may not sound like much, if it’s 1% of $700 billion, it’s a lot of money to anyone not named Bezos, Gates or Buffet.


The company seems to be just now enforcing its rules for blatant policy violations like manipulating customer reviews. Tactics that some of those sellers have used for years.


After announcing Prime Day in Canada for 2021 would be delayed due to COVID-19, Amazon has now officially cancelled the online shopping event.


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Good to Know

Many sellers on Amazon will be breathing a sigh of relief that they no longer have to register for VAT in anything up to 7 EU.


Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: 68 per cent of sellers were from non-metro cities while 7,500 sellers had received their highest single-day sale during the event.


As part of their Action on Amazon campaign, Unite say that they have uncovered compelling evidence of Coronavirus price gouging throughout 2020.


Featured in CNBC, Acquco, an acquisition company for Amazon FBA brands, is offering to buy you a customizable Tesla for any brand that you refer and they acquire!
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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is challenging Amazon by promising fast deliveries from China to anywhere in the world. WSJ visits Alibaba’s largest automated warehouse to see how robots and a vast logistics network are helping it expand globally.


Amazon is on the brink of a possible breakup, and marketers should be ready to seize the opportunity.


The giant retailer says it was concerned about how a new update to the Fakespot app was “wrapping” its website without permission, and how that could be theoretically exploited to steal Amazon customer data.


Most analysts expect little change from Jeff Bezos' departure as CEO. But he's leaving unfinished business for longtime lieutenant Andy Jassy.


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Amazon’s fulfillment service, though the subject of recurring seller complaints, is still the best bet for most small and midsize sellers, according to a veteran former executive with the company who was instrumental in developing FBA.


Amazon announced a new advertising program that encourages brands to drive sales to its online store, as opposed to linking elsewhere online, with what it calls a “brand referral bonus.”


Investors on the hunt for promising brands sold on Amazon.com are sparking bidding wars as competition intensifies to find the next hit product.


Many sellers were puzzled on Wednesday after Amazon informed them it would be adding inventory to their Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) account.


A forced divestiture of Amazon.com Inc.'s fulfillment business could open the door to more competition for merchants seeking shipping alternatives.


One of the little-known marketing secrets on Amazon is how seller aggregate organizations drive product and seller buyouts.


Brands earn the bonus – in the form of a credit on their referral fees – on purchases that occur within 14 days of a customer clicking on an ad.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is suing the online retailer to force it to recall faulty items that pose safety risks to shoppers.


With MCF, BigCommerce merchants have access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network, operational expertise, fast ship speeds and lower fulfillment costs with competitive rates and scalable capacity.


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Tips and Tricks

If this is something you’re considering now or down the road, set yourself up for the exit by making decisions now that will make you sellable in the future.


Keep on reading to learn more about how to find, define, and analyze your competitors on Amazon.


Closing your Amazon account isn't as easy as opening one. There are hurdles put in place to make the process a bit of a hassle.


To help you save money and offer new products Amazon FBA New Selection programme offers free storage and free removals for a limited number of units for all eligible new-to-FBA ASINs.


There was a time when Amazon considered it a violation to contact the customer to ask what was wrong with their order, or even offer a refund after receiving a negative review. Not anymore!



Stephen and Rebecca run through the 8 key elements which will ensure that you start this journey on the right foot.


50% of shoppers already begin their shopping journey on Amazon. The rest, via other channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ads. Have you ever wondered where your Amazon sales comes from outside of Amazon advertising?


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