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#66 - Beware of Amazon's Marketing Manners, and more

An ecommerce business is exciting, but it can be easy to get caught up in expenses if you work without a plan.  #66 issue of FBA Monthly news contains only essential news and useful tips from all over the Amazon space. We'll help you to stay updated to improve your sales! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

Amazon continues to face intensified scrutiny from antitrust lawsuits to allegations of inhumane working conditions.


According to estimates by Adobe Analytics, Digital Commerce 360, Morgan Stanley, and others, Prime Day 2021 grew just 5-10% compared to last year’s October event (which was helped by being in the fourth quarter).


The shopping dynamic has changed in the last few years with the growth of Shopify, Square, and even Etsy. But the biggest threat I see to Amazon long-term is Alphabet subsidiary Google getting its act together in shopping.


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Good to Know

The seller said, “they have never shown me the memo, I only just saw it after Googling it and your story came up.”


A former employee of the $1.8 trillion online marketplace said the weekly target for Amazon's Dunfermline warehouse was to destroy some 130,000 items a week.


Amazon has removed three different brands from its marketplace, the company confirmed to The Verge on June 17.


Chris Turton writes from experience and tries to answer questions from sellers to improve and share his knowledge.


This is a sensitive issue for sellers, with some believing marketplaces allow automated "bots" to run amok, leading to mistakes.


Amazon responded Tuesday to proposed antitrust legislation introduced by members of the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month, saying that the bills “would have significant negative effects” on businesses that sell on Amazon and consumers who shop there.


Since Amazon’s 1997 IPO, Bezos has sold off or given away more than half of his Amazon shares. He’s now got enough cash to likely buy just about anything in the world he wants.


Prices on everything from steel and lumber to corn, diapers and toilet paper are increasing as a result of surging demand from consumers and strained supply chains.


The scruffy exporters are used to roaming about suburban factory areas and dealing with constant cash flow strain, but suddenly they find themselves having coffee with top Chinese VC firms and investment representatives from internet giants, who come with big checks to hunt down the next Shein or Anker.


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A Western District of Washington action filed Thursday has accused defendants Samuel Katz, Gig Trading Inc., and unnamed others of selling inauthentic games on Amazon.com Inc.’s marketplace.


Cliff Stoll makes glass Klein bottles, which are a nifty topological curiosity. He sells them on his website and also on Amazon.


According to internal analysis from the e-tail giant, summer entertaining, weddings and events are top-of-mind for its shoppers.


Legislation by the US government that could pave the way for such a move advanced in Congress last week, when the House Judiciary Committee voted narrowly in favour of the Ending Platform Monopolies Act.


Becoming a millionaire was never part of the plan. Michele Venton had left London for Bournemouth, keen to escape corporate life - and decided to try selling dresses online.


"Some of the unlawful increases were on sales of products supplied by third parties, sales which Amazon controls and reaps huge profits from," the lawsuit says.


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Tips and Tricks

We walk through the best keyword research software Amazon sellers can use to improve their listings and marketing efforts, for absolutely nothing.


Let’s learn more about their journey through FBA! You can also watch our recorded interview with Maricia and Brian below.


The new EU VAT rules for sellers outside the EU are in effect from July 1st. Here’s when you need to get a VAT number and what returns you have to file.



Since Amazon launched it in 2015, a lot of other retailers have offered competing deals of their own for Prime Day. But this year, they’re all up against the same problem: tight supply chains.


“Marketplace Morning Report” host Sabri Ben-Achour put those questions and more to Brad Stone, author of the new book “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire.” The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.