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#77 - Amazon Exploiting Sellers, and much more

boxes with Amazon stickers moving on transporter tape in the fulfillment center
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Hot News

According to Marketplace Pulse research, Amazon private label sellers are getting acquired for SDE/Adjusted EBDITA multiples of 4x - 8x, plus an earn-out that could bring the total valuation north of 10x.


According to the report, written by ILSR co-director Stacy Mitchell, those fees — for things like advertising, referrals, and shipping — usually mean that small businesses lose money to Amazon; Mitchell said that in 2014, sellers paid Amazon $19 of every $100 in sales, and today, it’s more like $34 per $100 in sales.


Amazon launched CSBA in the summer and officially announced it last month at the Amazon Accelerate conference. Note that while the program is optional, it appears Amazon automatically enrolls new sellers into the CSBA program by default.


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Good to Know

As the pace of shopper visits begins to dwindle at malls around the country on Black Friday, the holiday shopping season has officially kicked into high gear.


While many retailers and brands are short on inventory this holiday season, some remain committed to selling on marketplaces. They say the risk of losing placement when things return to normal is too great.


Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and continuing in the ensuing months, complaints about censorship from both major political parties increased. Big Tech, they said, was controlling the narrative and picking sides.


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Counterfeit goods experts told Newsy that the barriers to entry for third-party sellers selling counterfeits is so low that there's no real disincentive to stay away from these platforms.


Amazon's new investment in a collectibles platform could be the beginning of a move into digital collectibles while helping it better understand the potential of blockchain.


Italy's antitrust authority, the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), has slapped Apple and Amazon with a combined €203 million (over $225 million) in fines for alleged conspiracy over the sale of Apple and Beats products on Amazon Italy.


Facing margin pressure, retailers are expected to navigate a challenging environment by reducing supply-chain inefficiencies, selling higher-margin goods, and passing some costs on to consumers.


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From Revlon’s One-Step hair-dryer brush to Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant, TikTok favorites are front and center among Amazon’s best-sellers in beauty.


Like any good magician, Amazon has mastered hiding the trick: Its thousands of employees, fulfillment centers and rapidly moving conveyor belts remain out of sight.


Amazon has acknowledged it has a fake reviews problem, as it struggles to rein in coordinated efforts on other websites to flood product listings with good reviews in quid pro quo schemes that violate the company's terms of service.


Amazon is making it easier for sellers who use its FBA fulfillment service to split shipments to multiple fulfillment centers – as long as they are using Amazon’s preferred shipping carriers.


Last year, almost $300 billion of products were sold on Amazon through third parties, but the demand is driving a huge chunk of counterfeit good sales in the U.S.


As consumers prepare to place their holiday Amazon orders, Michigan lawmakers are considering protections to keep fraudulent online sellers from stealing Christmas.


Tips and Tricks

While the competition has increased on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms, so has the demand for online shopping — 62% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon. In this article, we’ll explain why selling on Amazon FBA in 2022 is still worth it.


Starting on the 1st of December, Amazon are going to automatically verify customer claims and offer refunds on your behalf for specific scenarios where Amazon can verify package delivery using the tracking information provided during order confirmation.


You need to ensure a robust supply chain, but it's also essential to identify and manage issues unique to the platform.


What would you say is the “secret sauce” to encouraging more sales on Amazon? What can companies do to improve their odds of getting noticed?


If you want to build a brand on Amazon, there couldn’t be a better time. And if you sell on Amazon, you definitely need a brand.


We’re going to show you everything you need to know about optimizing your product detail page so you can be successful in selling on Amazon.



Do you have questions about the wholesale model? Is it still viable on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart? Today’s expert guest shares his answers.