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#82 - Advertising is Amazon’s Dark Secret, and much more

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Hi everyone! We hope you are doing fine this Monday. FBA Monthly is sending you Amazon-related news updates for the last two weeks. #82 issue is full of exciting news and handy tips. But before we get to the latest news, we want to ask you to follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

Hot News

Without the high-margin advertising revenue, Amazon’s retail business is increasingly unprofitable. It was at break-even as recently as 2015. Since then, as advertising revenue grew, so did Amazon’s use of that growth to fund the rest of the retail operations.


Amazon added themed email templates for brand sellers. The pilot program is for those who use the Amazon Customer Engagement tool, launched last spring.


The distributor label “could be a pretty big headache” for Amazon, said attorney Jeremy Robinson, who has litigated against the company on behalf of injured product users.


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Good to Know

Shopify is now nearly 50% as large as Amazon Marketplace after surpassing $54 billion in GMV in the fourth quarter of 2021. Said differently, Amazon marketplace is only two times larger than Shopify.


"We've recently reached a global agreement with Visa that allows all customers to continue using their Visa credit cards in our stores," a spokesperson told Reuters.


Amazon was well prepared for the supply chain logjams, not just because of its experience in ocean freight, but because of the billions it has invested into expanding its logistics footprint.


Sixty thousand sellers eclipsed $1 million in sales on the Amazon marketplace in 2021. The number has doubled over the past three years.


The former owner of Patozon, one of the biggest "made in China, sold on Amazon" merchants, has slapped online fast fashion retailer Shein and another firm with a lawsuit for non-payment of the stakes in that business they had agreed to buy.


The four new modules are designed to help sellers who want to apply to sell Amazon restricted products that require approval.


Are investors valuing consolidation over innovation? Thrasio and its look-alikes make that a hard question to answer.


Inflation is just over 5%, posing the biggest annual jump since 2008, and economists agree that it’s largely driven by specific sectors such as importing and manufacturing. The cost run-up is largely in part due to logistical challenges.


Sellers on industry discussion boards are mystified after noticing Amazon has changed the background colors of certain product detail pages.


Amazon's exponential growth in the new millennium has similarities to Walmart's growth in the 90's before the internet changed everything.


According to the Department of Commerce, e-commerce represented 13.2% of total retail spending in 2021. Down from 13.6% in 2020.


Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer is a next-generation feature for ecommerce sellers that helps them better understand and respond in real-time to customer demand for new product ideas.


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Tips and Tricks

Whether a store owner is preparing to launch a new ecommerce website or has been selling online for years and has an established brand, online marketplaces should always be part of the strategy.


Continue reading to learn more about Amazon Lending — including eligibility, loan terms, and making payments — and find out if the program is for you.


Some sellers are definitely motivated to use Amazon FBA in 2022, believing it will pay dividends. It’s always a good idea to calculate the cost before deciding if a solution will be profitable for you.


In this article, we’ll go over adding products to an existing listing and creating a brand new product listing in Amazon Seller Central.



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